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AIR ICO is live. This ERC20 utility token is trading for $0.53. Blockchain service Altair launched a total of 505,000,000 tokens. Altair is one of the fastest spinning stars in the galaxy. It is also the bridge from Centrifuge to Kusama. Thanks to this platform, users will be able to tokenize real-world assets and finance them on the Kusama network.

Altair combines Centrifuge’s industry-leading infrastructure to finance real-world assets on Centrifuge Chain before going live on Centrifuge Chain. The team created this network for the customers who want to test the bound of asset financing. With Altair, creators can tokenize their most experimental assets from NFTs to undiscovered ones and even finance them.

According to the team, Altair is for innovators and risk-takers who dare to push the limits of decentralized finance. The AIR token powers the network and gives its holders additional advantages.

Furthermore, the company has partnered with two leading exchanges: Kraken and OKex, to allow their users to contribute directly to its crowdloan. If users already have an account on one of these exchanges, they can securely participate in the crowdloan after its launch.

The Altair announced that for every KSM contributed for the company’s crowdloan that is locked for 48 weeks to secure its parachain slot; it will reward users with 400 AIRs. The customers can either claim their tokens through the chosen exchange or directly on-chain on the Altair platform

How can customers use the AIR token?

The AIR is the native token of Altair. With basic functionality delegated to Kusama, it has no limits. Thus, AIR has the potential to become more than a traditional network token.

Altair plans to use AIR for governance to develop its platform. Users will also be able to pay the transaction fees with this token. And AIR will help with securing the chain and rewarding adoption.

The Altair network will distribute AIR tokens to CFG token holders, 1 AIR for 1 CFG. At launch, the token supply will be 425 million.

The platform will burn a percentage of all transaction fees. Long-term, this burning mechanism will also serve to stabilize the AIR token supply.

Besides, Altair will mint AIR tokens over time to further incentivize chain security: through rewards to crowdloan participants on Kusama and nominators and collators on Altair. The company will also mint tokens to reward Tinlake participants to incentivize adoption.

CoinsDrivers’ token is very HOT. Why’s that?

CODS ICO got a high ranking on various listing platforms. The sale began on June 1, 2021, and will end on November 15, 2021. The price is 0.6 USD per token. The total supply consists of 200000000 CODSs, and the platform is accepting BNB and USDT in exchange for the tokens.

While there are many ICOs on the market, with new ones launching almost daily, only a few have a high ranking like CODS. So, what makes this token and its creator company stand out?

CoinsDrivers is a trading platform. It aims to integrate crypto assets into life. CoinsDrivers created the system that allows users to trade derivatives on a decentralized network. However, unlike other similar platforms, it provides an experience comparable to centralized exchanges.

The team designed CoinDrivers to facilitate fully automated, end-to-end margin trading, along with the execution of complex financial products.

Furthermore, the platform allows users to create decentralized markets from anywhere worldwide by using CoinDrivers’ own protocol. The team also highlighted the main problems they see in the current centralized financial system, aiming to solve these problems by creating a parallel financial system. They also plan to develop tools that will enable users to trade in cryptos easily. The company is working on a project that will integrate assets into users’ daily life and allow people to use cryptos instead of money.

CoinsDrivers’ main goal is to develop a protocol that allows customers to trade derivatives securely, with margins and without any custody. The platform makes that possible by standardizing and automating every step of the trading lifecycle.

What about CoinsDrivers’ features?

The company offers lots of interesting features, including commission table, account management, API, futures, funding options, indices, liquidity, margin transactions, OTC, proof of reserve, security, PGP key, staking, and 24/7 support.

CoinsDrivers uses an application container technology that is both dynamic and versatile. The Kubernetes scheduling technology automatically adapts the service capacity according to the load. Thanks to these technologies, the CoinsDrivers platform can accommodate tens of millions of customers online at the same time and simultaneously maintain a pleasant user experience.

The company’s trading system uses high-performance core matching engine technology. It leverages distributed computing technologies such as BigTable and Google Spanner. As a result, it offers users the opportunity to perform high-volume transactions very fast with simultaneous calculations. According to the team, the platform can make the order processing speed reach one million transactions per second.

Bifrost is offering its BNC token

Bifrost is another DeFi project worth investors’ attention. The team created it to enable users to stake or liquefy PoS tokens. In addition, this platform allows customers to get vToken for operations and delivering liquidity. Investors will also get staking rewards every time the smart contract blocks their DOT, EOS, KSM, or other tokens. They will get a reward from Day 1 of nomination, without locking periods. Besides, token holders will be able to exchange their tokens at any time.

Bifrost also launched its native token, BNC. The initial coin offering began on July 6, 2021. The price is 10.6 USD per token, and the total supply consists of 80,000,000 BNCs.

What about the DeversiFi ICO?

As a layer 2 Ethereum exchange, DeversiFi aims to help users make the most decentralized finance. Investors can swap, send and invest, all from one platform, which is easy to use. Besides, they don’t have to pay Ethereum network fees.

DeversiFi is the user’s layer-two control center that gives them access to the best opportunities in DeFi. After customers connect their wallets and deposits their tokens to DeversiFi, they can swap, trade, send, yield farm, and invest in some of the best interest-earning opportunities in the DeFi. What’s more important is that they can do all of that with security. Only users control their private wallets, and they don’t need to pay Ethereum gas costs, which are very high.

Overall, this company allows its customers to fully experience Ethereum as it should be – with the best prices, zero gas costs, privacy, and low fees.

DeversiFi plans to distribute 2,000,000 DVF governance tokens (2% of the whole supply) via its launch market (DLM). The company launched its ICO sale today, July 8, 2021. The initial coin offering will end on July 10, 2021. ICO Price is $2 per DVF. The platform aims to raise $1,000,000 during the trade. Furthermore, during the sale, DeversiFi DLM will be the only place where investors can secure DVF tokens.

What advantages does this token offer?

It’s tough to forecast the price of a new-launched token, which doesn’t have a trading history. Sometimes tokens are either over or underpriced during the ICO. However, DLMs aim to solve these problems.

DeversiFi helps users determine the market price of a new token that is not already circulating or trading. It also allows people to participate in the price discovery without paying high gas fees.

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