ALPACA and FARM tokens are already available on Binance

Binance announced that it would list Alpaca Finance (ALPACA) and Harvest Finance (FARM) on its platform. The exchange will also open trading for ALPACA/BTC, ALPACA/BUSD, ALPACA/BNB, ALPACA/USDT, FARM/BNB, FARM/BTC, FARM/USDT and FARM/BUSD trading pairs.

One of the largest lending protocols, Alpaca Finance enables leveraged yield farming on Binance Smart Chain. With it, lenders will be able to earn safe and stable yields. Besides, the company offers customers undercollateralized loans for leveraged yield farming positions. It also promises to multiply their farming principles and profits.?

This platform amplifies the liquidity layer of integrated exchanges. As an enabler for the entire DeFi ecosystem, Alpaca improves its users’ capital efficiency by connecting lenders and LP borrowers. Thanks to such empowering function, Alpaca has become a fundamental building block within DeFi space. It aims to bring the power of finance to every person’s fingertips.

Alpacas are a quite virtuous breed. And its namesake company decided to fair-launch its project without pre-sale and investors. They haven’t had the advantage of pre-mine, as well. As a result, Alpaca Finance has always been a product built by the people and for the people from the beginning.

The team took alpacas for inspiration while creating their platform. For example, Alpacas like living in the mountains at high altitudes. The company claims that it will make users’ farming yields sky-high once they become their friends. Furthermore, alpacas come in 22 beautiful colours. So, the team will offer as many farming pools for users to choose from.

Sending transactions on BSC is incredibly efficient. The platform will offer much lower gas fees compared to other chains. That will help to maximize your yields. What’s more important, this project is transparent and verifiable.

Alpacas are generally an excellent investment; they require small acreage, are easy and inexpensive to raise, and provide a regular supply of wool. The team aims to offer the same convenience and easy gains to their users. The protocol’s leveraged positions will allow customers to increase their profit potential. As a result, it will provide higher yields on less capital.

Yield farming on Ethereum is a widespread method for projects to acquire new users and bootstrap their liquidity. However, lately, the rising costs of the process hinder more and more people from becoming a part of the DeFi world. Ethereum has become a whale game because the gas fees are exorbitantly high.

On the other hand, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has got an exponential boom in popularity. However, this emerging ecosystem isn’t perfect yet. There’s still room for many improvements. Alpaca team noticed a gap amongst the apps offered there compared to other chains. According to them, one of the largest missing pieces is an on-chain leverage protocol. So, the team decided to answer the demand and began working on a solution. Through leveraged yield farming, Alpaca Finance aims to provide value to the BSC community.

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