AMC Cinema receives payments in digital currency

The AMC chief executive said Wednesday that movie theater users would be able to purchase tickets for Litecoin, Ether, and Bitcoin in cash by the end of the year. Adam Aron unveiled the company plan, noting that AMC is conducting ongoing research to find ways to participate in the crypto economy.

An official statement from AMC was released through Twitter on Wednesday.

Many Twitter users responded to the post and called on a representative to include Dogecoin in the mix. Bitcoin is the first sign to get AMC. Bitcoin with a market capitalization is the largest cryptocurrency. According to the latest data, the ether has increased in popularity.

According to one of the most active advocates of cryptology, he is not a fan of Litecoin. And even when news of the Walmart and Litecoin union spread, his reaction was as follows: Litecoin did not have many clients.

AMC shares are up more than 2,000% year on year, especially since Reddit became a favorite on the Wall Street Bets. After that, the company almost broke the record by selling shares.

Bitcoin was up $47,800 at the latest data, up 0.6%. Ether was up $3,600, up 4.9%, litecoin was up $191, up 4.7%, and Bitcoin cash was up $640, up 0.6%.

The trend of using digital currency seems to be supported by more and more companies or organizations. However, in connection with the most high-profile announcement of recent times, the information about signing a partnership agreement between Walmart and Litecoin turned out to be a lie. On Monday morning, Walmart also issued an official statement denying the report.

According to the spread of fake news, Walmart introduced the possibility of paying with Litecoin.

The company also appealed to unique bodies to investigate this fact and tried to clarify the situation.

It should be noted that Walmart is the largest retail service provider in the US.

After the spread of false information, the price of Litecoin increased by more than 25%. However, it soon fell, which Walmart denied the news.

In parallel with the popularization of digital currency, the media is actively trying to predict the probability of possible agreements.

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