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BROKERAGEA is a new brokerage that offers users trading and investing services for forex and CFDs primarily. It’s not one of the cheapest brokers out there, so its primary focus group aren’t complete beginners. That being said, the firm also molded its service around newbies as much as it could. As a recent and potentially serious competitor on the market, BROKERAGEA is sure to attract traders and investors seeking an edge. Our BROKERAGEA review will help you determine if it’s the company that suits your trading needs.

First Impressions

As always, we should start by talking about the initial impression the broker left on us. From its website, it’s apparent that the company is new, as it still has some underdeveloped sections. However, that doesn’t mean you should write the company off as unprofessional, as what’s there is quite promising. The website cuts straight to the point, not circling around important details like scams do. As such, it achieves a very minimalistic look and feel while providing users with a majority of the relevant information.

That makes the company seem more trustworthy and makes it apparent they’re quite capable. The issues we saw were minor, and we’re sure BROKERAGEA will fix it as it develops. As such, we start our BROKERAGEA broker review on a positive note, as it seems quite welcoming.

The website does well to convey the essence of the broker’s service without being overbearing. That translates to a quick research process which we always enjoy. This presented a promising start and made us eager to continue exploring the broker. We’ll present our findings further down in our BROKERAGEA review. However, let’s look at some of the firm’s interesting qualities straight away:

. Free Education

We mentioned that BROKERAGEA was a midrange broker, meaning it’s primarily for those with some experience under their belt. However, that doesn’t mean the broker disregards newbies completely, as it has free educational resources for them. Namely, the broker has a comprehensive array of resources that helps its users rapidly learn and develop. Because of that, the only hurdle for newbies becomes the $1,000 requirement for account deposits. Even with that price tag, many may consider the service to be worth it, and we wouldn’t argue.

. Massive Asset Variety

BROKERAGEA is a versatile brokerage in many ways, but primarily when you look at its asset variety. Namely, the broker has over 1,200 financial assets for its users to trade and invest in. That’s a number that beats out even most industry leaders and by a significant margin. It’s not even just for show, as a broader pool of assets has multiple trading implications. For example, you’re more likely to find the assets you’re interested in, and the average asset you can pick is of a higher quality.

. Quick Execution at BROKERAGEA

Another important aspect of BROKERAGEA overall is its technological aptness which translates to a quick service. The best way we can see that is from the broker’s platform or, more specifically, execution speeds. Traders, especially scalpers and other day traders, know the value of precise trading execution. For them, it can mean a world of difference, especially if the order they put in is on the heftier side. Quick execution leads to a transparent trading process, which then makes for a more skill-expressive trading experience.

Funds Trading and Security

We all know the importance of safety regarding the overall service of a brokerage. Unfortunately, newer brokers seem to often forgo setting up proper safety nets for customers. Such behavior regularly hurts clients, as they lose their money to outside attackers. Even the case where the brokerage itself is dishonest or straight-up robs customers is common. As such, you need to look out for yourself when choosing a broker.

While the safety ate BROKERAGEA isn’t perfect, we found it completely serviceable. On top of that, we found no indication that the company intends to make malicious moves towards customers. Overall, that makes our BROKERAGEA review positive as far as security goes. Naturally, we’ll present our findings and explain why we’re content with the safety.

The first thing we should mention is the firm’s honest website set up its website. They are transparent about their services. This is the opposite of scam companies which are usually secretive and try to hide details.

On top of that, impressions so far seem positive overall. User impressions are often among the best metrics to judge a broker by because users quickly voice their opinions. As such, we’d already know if the broker made any major transgressions against users.

The broker protects users from hackers via encryption and authenticators. Altogether, that results in a solid security setup where users don’t need to worry about their accounts. Naturally, there are improvements we’d like to see, but that’s not enough to turn BROKERAGEA’s score negative.

The Review of Trading Accounts

One thing we didn’t mention earlier in our BROKERAGEA broker review is the variety of accounts it has. Although they start at $1,000, which is out of the price range for some newbies, there’s still a solid variety. As such, traders of all skill levels will be able to find an option for themselves. The accounts are based on cumulative deposits and build on each other, as it is with most brokers. In other words, each account contains everything the one beneath it in rank does.

The setup has multiple advantages, such as less pressure when choosing an account and more balance overall. On the other hand, some prefer specialized accounts that help them thrive in their area or method of trading. Either way, although preferences vary, there’s no denying that BROKERAGEA’s account setup is powerful and competent. Here are some of the account specifications at


Min. Deposit $1,0000.01 Min. Lot SizeIslamic AccountMobile Trading24h Dedicated SupportAccount Manager


Min. Deposit $2,5000.01 Min. Lot SizeIslamic AccountMobile Trading24h Dedicated SupportAccount Manager


Min. Deposit $5,0000.01 Min. Lot SizeIslamic AccountMobile TradingTechnical IndicatorsEconomic News


Min. Deposit $10,0000.01 Min. Lot SizeTechnical IndicatorsEconomic NewsTechnical AnalysisFixed Pricing


Min. Deposit $50,0000.01 Min. Lot SizeEU Private Bank AccountTechnical IndicatorsEconomic NewsTechnical AnalysisFixed Pricing

VIP Policy

Min. Deposit $100,000Personal BankerEU Private Bank AccountTechnical IndicatorsEconomic NewsTechnical AnalysisFixed Pricing

Trading Conditions

An important thing to consider with any broker is its quality of trading. For BROKERAGEA, the trading quality is quite high, especially considering it’s a new company. The leverage it offers is at 1:400, which is not the highest but is still entirely serviceable. That comes with fixed spreads and an absence of hidden fees or charges across the board. That means the trading process is entirely transparent and the broker is completely honest.

Along with the quick execution we described earlier in our BROKERAGEA review, that makes for a skill-expressive experience. The other features that support trading are quite potent as well, and we can use the funding as an example. It’s quick and flexible, allowing for an uninterrupted trading flow. All in all, BROKERAGEA is quite competent and does enough to rival market leaders.

Trading Platform

Earlier in our BROKERAGEA broker review, we praised the company’s technology. A significant part of that is, of course, the platform it provides its users. Now, we should state it’s a proprietary platform and some potential customers might be discontent with that. However, although the software is proprietary, it shows none of the usual weaknesses of shabby custom platforms. One thing we would like to see in the future is a demo account so that users could test out the platform before they sign up.

Still, the trading is powerful and the custom design doesn’t take away from that. We should also note that the platform is available in all three popular versions, downloadable, web, and mobile.

BROKERAGEA’s Trading Products

Earlier in our review, we mentioned that its width of assets is one of its primary advantages. To reiterate, the broker has over 1,200 different trading instruments you can use to achieve a profit. That has a number of benefits, including making portfolio diversification simpler. Overall, the versatility this provides is undoubtedly one of the firm’s primary advantages. Here are some of the asset classes at

CurrenciesCommodities and EnergiesValued MetalsShares and Stock Indices

Customer Service

BROKERAGEA is proud of its customer support setup, presenting it prominently on its landing page. Its operatives work 24/5 and speak multiple languages, making communication a breeze. You can speak with BROKERAGEA via live chat, phone, or email.

Phone: +18008280295

Email: [email protected]

The Review Conclusion

As you could see from our BROKERAGEA review, our impression of the broker is quite positive. It manages to balance trading conditions and security, ending up with a solid mix that should please most customers. It does have some areas to improve as a consequence of being new, but it’s nothing to fret about.

Overall, the firm has done enough to earn our recommendation. If you enjoy modern brokers with advanced trading conditions, BROKERAGEA might be the company for you.

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