Chinese exile Guo pushes unproven drugs to treat Covid

A wealthy businessman Guo Wengui fled China in 2014, is connected to some high-profile personalities in America. He has been using his online network to promote drugs with no proves to treat Covid while spreading false information about the vaccines used to fight the disease.

On Sunday, Guo used his show on GTV to promote ivermectin and malaria drug artemisinin. According to him, doctors use this drug to treat the coronavirus.

However, neither the World Health Organization nor the Food and Drug Administration has approved this drug for healing Covid. The FDA and the CDCP warned against using this drug (ivermectin) to treat and prevent Covid infections.

On Thursday, Guo associated vaccinating kids with murder. He spoke in a translated video post on social media asking people to stop vaccinating children. Guo added that it is not just a single shot but a simple murder. He also said that already vaccinated people might face an unpredicted severe consequence in the future.

The CDC suggests that people aged 12 and higher should get a Covid vaccine, which effectively cuts the chances of hospitalization and reduces the spread of the virus. Authorities might also approve the usage of the vaccine for younger kids later this year.

Researchers have described GTV as part of the businessman’s more extensive media union and misinformation network.

Guo is with a group of essentially conservative opinions pushing unauthorized Covid treatments while President Joe Biden’s administration and state governments struggle to convince more people to get vaccinated. According to CDC data, sixty-three percent of people aged 12 or higher have already received two vaccine doses in the U.S.

Guo was close to Steve Bannon, Trump White House chief strategist. A foundation connected to Guo lately hosted an event that featured Bannon’s comments and others connected to former President Donald Trump.

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