CPI Fuel and the Smoldering Inflation Fire

For all the CPI hoopla, remember that this is a monthly figure – all data tend to fluctuate, especially those heavily massaged ones (substitution, hedonistic adjustments, owners equivalent rent coupled with exclusion of certain essentials for their prices are deemed too volatile).

The Fed keeps walking a very fine line. It’s a success that the market isn’t revolting – given the infrastructure bill passing Senate, calls on OPEC+ to increase production, it’s clear to me that whatever today’s figure, inflation will keep being a thorn in its side for a long time – as simple as putting 2 + 2 together.

Again, today’s report will be shorter than usual and focus on select charts to drive position details of all five publications.

Let’s move right into the charts (all courtesy of

S&P 500 and Nasdaq Outlook

S&P 500 keeps holding up, but Nasdaq not very much so – quoting from yesterday’s analysis:

(…) Yes, Nasdaq is in a precarious short-term position as the 500-strong index – about to fall steeply just as gold did? Probably not, but vulnerable to a corrective move that could easily reach a few percent. The infrastructure bill is rather factored into the expectations, and similarly to the Fed taper looming, any surprise could serve as a selling catalyst. The drying up volume may not be a sign of no more sellers here, but rather of a combination of timid sellers and a drying pool of buyers. With the strong CPI data likely to be announced tomorrow, the bears would likely try their luck.

Credit Markets

Gold, Silver and Miners

Yesterday, I made a case for why we’re at an interesting valuation point in gold and silver. The daily chart view still looks as bleak as ever – merely price stabilization while miners continue leading lower. The dust hasn’t indeed settled, and the success of Fed’s June actions is still with us as inflation expectations and TIPS are being ignored:

(…) Does the market seriously believe that the Fed would turn into an inflation fighter? That they wouldn’t lag behind both the incoming forward looking and lagging inflation metrics? Make no mistake, the June ISM services PMIs were the highest ever – there is plenty of inflation in the pipeline, and you’re, in essence, making a bet whether the central bank will duly mop up the excesses or not. I’m in the latter camp, which means the current gold and silver values are fascinating to medium-term investors and traders.

Crude Oil

Oil rebounded off Monday’s premarket lows but has met selling pressure even before today’s message to OPEC+ was announced. I’m counting on the oil sector continued resilience, but I am not looking for similarly smooth sailing in black gold all that fast. Not at all.


Copper paints a brighter picture by quite a few hues, and the commodity index has likewise sprung to life vigorously. The 4.20s support zone is likely to hold unless a game-changer strikes, which has gotten a little more unlikely compared to yesterday (watching the news tape). The inflation data are more than likely to support real assets, even if they enable the Fed to declare improving economic conditions in Jackson Hole and announce (watered down) taper (with strings attached) in September. Look for commodities to recover then fast, faster than precious metals.

Bitcoin and Ethereum

The slow-motion crypto upswing goes on without respite – consolidating and likely to continue. More fighting is expected around $48-50K in Bitcoin but shouldn’t affect Ethereum all that much.


In place of summary today, please see the above chart descriptions for my take.

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