Crypto Trading Algo’s Bag Is Now Worth $20,673

Cointelegraph launched Markets Pro, a subscription-based data intelligence service, precisely one year ago, on January 9, 2021. Bitcoin (BTC) was trading at around $40,200 on that day, and today’s price of $41,800 represents a 4% increase year on year. Over the same period, an automated testing strategy based on Markets Pro’s key indicator, the VORTECSTM Score, produced a 20,573 percent return on investment. Here’s what it means for small-business owners like you and me.

How Can You Get 20,000% a Year?

The short answer is that you cannot. No other human can either. However, this does not preclude crypto investors from significantly improving their altcoin trading game. They can use the same principles that underpin this astounding ROI.

The VORTECSTM Score is an AI-powered trading indicator that sifts through each digital asset’s past performance. Afterward, it identifies multi-dimensional combinations of trading and social sentiment metrics that have historically been bullish or bearish. When the algorithm detects a historically bullish arrangement like this one in, say, SOL’s real-time data, it will assign the asset a high VORTECSTM Score. The conventional cutoff for bullishness is 80. The higher the score, the more confident the model is that the outlook is favorable.

Starting on day one, the Markets Pro team live-tested several hypothetical trading strategies. The tests were based on “buying” all assets that cross a specific VORTECSTM Score. Afterward, they “sell” them after a set amount of time to get a sense of how the model performs.

These transactions were carried out in a spreadsheet rather than an exchange 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Moreover, they involved complex algorithmic rebalancing. This way, they ensure that all assets that hit a reference Score are held in equal shares in the portfolio at any given time.

The winning strategy, “Buy 80, Sell 24 hours,” entailed purchasing every asset with a Score of 80 and selling it precisely 24 hours later. Over a year, this algorithm produced a hypothetical gain of 20,573 percent.

Varying Predictability

A separate line of internal Markets Pro research investigated whether certain coins are more likely than others to exhibit historically bullish trading conditions before dramatic price increases. It proved true, with tokens such as AXS, MATIC, AAVE, and LUNA. They lead the pack in the most consistent positive price dynamics following historically favorable setups. Overall, the majority of high-VORTECSTM performers delivered strongly positive returns.

After a full year of operation, these disparate pieces of quantitative evidence – the mind-boggling ROIs of algorithmic live-testing strategies, the steady average gains of high-VORTECSTM assets.




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