CryptoNovo meets with top tech companies

CryptoNovo, an NFT collector, was recently posing for hundreds of photos, meeting with top tech companies, and attending dozens of invitation-only parties across New York City.

NFT.NYC grew into a four-day extravaganza with Quentin Tarantino, Chris Rock, and The Strokes.

Among the big names, NFT enthusiasts, and curious passersby crisscrossing Times Square that week, CryptoNovo stood out.

Novo alone owns nearly $2.5 million in CryptoPunks. However, one of them, CryptoPunk #3706, stands out from the rest.

Not because of its monetary worth, but because Novo wears it as his face, strapping an LED digital mask to his head that completely obscures his actual features.

Novo was constantly approached in New York by excited friends. Novo refers to them — who had only interacted with him online. In the resulting article, a New York Times reporter interviewed him for 45 minutes (though he only referred to as “the owner of CryptoPunk #3706”). Novo delivered a raucous speech at an NFT.NYC town hall, ending with him dropping the mic and high-fiving his way out through the crowd.

Everyone wanted to take a picture. CryptoNovo, or simply as “that goofy-looking robot-man on the sidewalk,” Novo appeared to be a “piece” of the event. A banner, a mascot, a sign: something unusual is happening here. Novo was okay with this, though he was concerned about anything contributing to negative stereotypes of the event.

The second concept is a little more difficult for Novo to grasp. After all, he is near the top of the NFT “early adopters” list who have made significant profits.

Someone messaged Novo on Discord one day, asking if he’d be willing to sell the Pranksy Hoodie. Novo conceals the buyer but not the offer: 350 Ether.

The value of both NFTs and cryptocurrency has recently skyrocketed.

Novo had received an offer of $1.07 million for his Hoodie.




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