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Decubate launched its native token DCB’s ICO today. Investors can buy them on the BSCpad platform, and the price is $0.015000 per token. Only 2.33% of the total supply will be available during this sale.

This community-powered investment platform is bringing the $3 trillion startup economy on-chain worldwide. Furthermore, it is unlocking liquidity for investors and accelerating the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Decubate unites web2 startups with the community’s financial and promotional capital and, as a result, fuels their web3 launch. Community members (DCB token holders) are receiving an investment allocation, along with staking rewards for backing startups on the platform.

Elliot Hagemeijer is the founder of Decubate. Hagemeijer is a serial entrepreneur. He was also an early entrant in the blockchain space, and since then, he has been working at leading blockchain brokers and exchanges. Hagemeijer champion startups, advise teams on product development and tokenomics.

Why is Decubate unique, and what advantages does it offer?

Decubate is the first blockchain project investment platform that focuses specifically on web2 startups. The company sources onboard startups through its global network of incubator and accelerator partners.

It also has its own utility token, which is crucial for the network. Customers can use the DCB token for staking rewards and transaction fees. However, it also provides additional benefits to token holders who actively engage on its platform. Among these benefits are increased voting power, investment rewards, and reputation score.

Furthermore, the Decubate platform offers users cross-chain support. The latter enables startups and investors to raise funds, as well as invest capital across multiple blockchains at once.

The company has assembled a high-quality team with decades of combined experience in blockchain products, software development, startup incubators, and marketing. In addition, startup investments and allocations on the platform are fully decentralized. The DCB-holding community members determine which companies to add to their network.

Even though Decubate is a relatively new platform, like many other DeFi networks and companies, it has strong potential. The team provided a well-developed roadmap, and they show promise to achieve success by realizing their goals.

The Qredo ICO will begin soon. What about this network?

Qredo is launching its native token tomorrow, July 8, 2021. 40,000,000 $QRDO are for sale during the initial coin offering, and the price is $0.500000 per token. The platform will accept USDT, USDC, and USD in exchange for $QRDOs.

Qredo Network is rearchitecting blockchain connectivity and digital asset ownership. It offers a radical new approach to bring liquidity and capital efficiency to the blockchain economy. The company has pioneered the first multi-party computation (MPC) custodial network, which is decentralized and trustless. Such advancement enables the platform to offer native cross-chain swaps, along with decentralized custody and cross-platform liquidity access.

The company works at the cutting-edge of blockchain and cybersecurity. Qredo utilizes the latest innovations in distributed ledger technology and cryptography, and as a result, delivers a powerful global network for both securing and trading digital assets.

Anthony Foy, Qredo’s CEO, is a Digital veteran and serial entrepreneur. He has more than twenty years of experience in VC-backed growth companies with four successful exits. Foy teamed up with Brian Spector, the CPTO, to create this network. Spector is a Cyber Security expert and a serial entrepreneur with a background in advanced cryptography.

In the first quarter of 2021, Josh Goodbody joined the Qredo team as the COO. The latter is a well-known operational executive, and he also has experience in scaling the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

What about the QRDO token?

Many networks have their own utility tokens as they give platforms and users lots of advantages.

The QRDO token isn’t an exception. It provides a means of both utility and governance to the Qredo Network. The team designed Credo in such a way that it includes a user-centric incentive structure. Moreover, the latter economically favors the participants of the Qredo Network, encouraging user adoption and utilization of the network.

Besides, this design takes into account the incentives required for each user to drive a network effect. Customers can stake QRDO with validators and earn staking yield. Qredo also offers a unique feature; its users can automatically stake unvested QRDO and accrue staking yield.

How will the team distribute QRDO tokens?

According to Qredo, the total number of its tokens is hard capped at two billion tokens. From that amount, the team set one billion tokens aside for investors in the network. That includes contributors, a team, a fund to help initial bootstrap initial Validators, an initial fund for Treasury Management, and a fund to bootstrap the ecosystem.

The company intends to use another billion tokens when Version 2 of the protocol goes live. It will distribute that amount among the actors on the network.

QUA token’s popularity is increasing. Why’s that?

QUA token’s ICO begins on August 1, 2021. However, this token has a very high rating right now, and it’s better to prepare when the sale starts at last. Here are details about the initial coin offering: the total supply of QUA amounts to tokens. However, 2.2% goes for Seed Round, 2.8% is for Private Sale, 35% for Public Sale, and 10% for Liquidity.

Furthermore, 12% goes to the team, while marketing gets 18%, Reserves will have 5% and Development whole 15%. The platform will accept ETH, BTC, and USDT in exchange for QUA tokens, and the minimum contribution will be 100.

Quarashi is a complete suite of solutions platforms. This network is focused on providing users with complete privacy and anonymity. The Quarashi Network ecosystem’s core elements are the Quarashi Privacy (Anonymity Chat), IDO/IEO Platform, and Multi Crypto Wallet and Exchange. The Quarashi Network Token powers all of them.

How do each of these features work?

Quarashi Chat is the first decentralized chat application that is 100% private and anonymous and doesn’t store any data about the user. The messages one person sends to another one is end-to-end encrypted with a very powerful algorithm. For decrypting the messages, a person would need almost two years and access to a supercomputer. Furthermore, messages are self-deleted from the server automatically in one hour after reading.

While many messaging apps only pretend to be private, Quarashi Chat is really secure. The team announced that this app would never store users’ private info such as email addresses, contacts, or phone numbers. It will also never ask users to grant access to the microphone or the GPS location of their device. The only information stored is the customer’s username, but even that is not merged or connected with the person’s wallet.

Furthermore, the Quarashi network offers Multi Crypto Wallet & Exchange. This feature is a complete multi-crypto and crypto asset wallet solution. It enables the customers to use Quarashi to safely manage, exchange, and buy crypto. The platform stores investors’ assets directly into the blockchain.

Quarashi doesn’t hold or store information about any of its client’s assets or private keys. The team created this platform intending to respect and protect human rights. Thus, the users are in full control of their data.

Quarashi IDO/IEO is another interesting feature the company provides. Thanks to the IDO listings, the tokens’ issuer can’t control how the fundraising round will go. Thus, it gives fair chances to every investor.

With Quarashi IDO Platform, the team balances fairness and needs to maximize the capital, so their customers can get the best IDO experience.

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