Demand for GOT is Rising. What Does the GO Platform Offer?

GOeureka’s token is trending right now. Its ICO began today, July 12, 2021, and will end on July 14, 2021. 50 GOT tokens are trading for 1 XTZ during the initial coin offering.

The company will utilize 25% of raised funds to provide liquidity on the Quipuswap exchange after listing. It will also set aside 20% for operations, 15% for Core Development, 30% for marketing, 5% for legal services, and 5% for Security.

GOeureka is developing a platform based on Blockchain technology, aiming to allow hotels to connect with customers directly for low fixed commissions on bookings.

According to the team, booking platforms charge hotels up to 30% in commission. They also prioritize property searches based on these commissions. However, GOeureka plans to operate on an unbiased, transparent business model and treat all hotels as equals. Its goal is to drive cost efficiencies for travelers by offering them a platform that runs on a fixed commission structure of 5%, as well as delivers additional benefits through the use of the GOT token.

GOeureka’s team members are industry veterans. They have held senior positions at various household travel companies such as Hotelbeds, Agoda, Tourico, and Travco.

The company held its first token sale in 2018 and completed it with great success. It used the raised funds to build the booking platform, hire an operations team and connect with hotel suppliers. The team focused on getting the booking platform market-ready while also ensuring to increase their hotel partnerships worldwide.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic began soon after GOeureka’s launch, forcing the company to reallocate its resources and scale back the operations. While it was a challenging time for the start-up platform, GOeureka managed to persevere, and it is now ready to relaunch an updated version of its hotel booking platform.

What does this platform offer to customers?

The GO platform has lots of functionalities. It enables customers to book and pay for rooms in various hotels. There is a centralized database and server, which stores Personal Identity Information (PII), data from hotels, and customer booking details. Customers can use the mobile app and pay for their reservations with cryptos.

Furthermore, users will utilize Tezos blockchain and smart contracts and generate decentralized Go Tokens (GOT).

Hotels can list their services and products on the GO website. They will have full control of their own listings, rates, features, and policies.

The GOT Token is a utility token. The team designed it to facilitate transactions on its platform to purchase hotel services and other internal processes and payments within the GO infrastructure.

Bunicorn is launching its native token BUNI today

An automated market-making decentralized exchange Bunicorn is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Thus, it inherited all of BSC’s strengths thanks to being powered by advanced features. Bunicorn offers its users flexible AMM pools with up to eight tokens.

Furthermore, the platform will provide liquidity Bootstrapping Pools, which represents a fair token distribution model against front-running bots; Amplified pools that allow swapping between stablecoin pairs with higher capital efficiency and lower slippage; Smart order routing that automatically splits users’ swap across several pools for optimized price; and dynamic fees adjusted according to the underlying volatility. Liquidity providers will also be able to join multi-token pools with a single asset.

In addition, the company is developing a new innovative yield farming model that vests the earned reward and afterward wraps them into NFT collectibles.

Bunicorn is launching its native utility token today, July 12, 2021. 3,333,333 BUNIs will be available during the sale, which is 0.334% of the total supply. The price will be $0.030000 during the initial coin offering. The company aims to raise $100,000 by trading BUNI tokens, and it will accept BNB in exchange.

Meanwhile, HI token’s ICO continues

Hi is leveraging blockchain technology created to build community-powered services. The company started its initial coin offering sale on June 1, 2021. Its ERC20 token is trading for 0.01 USD per HI.

The Hi community members are the key stakeholders of its ecosystem. The Hi team became committed to maximizing membership value. They plan to develop the first universal cross-ecosystem mobile payment and financial services platform worldwide.

Hi stated that in the current financial system, participants with less money have to pay more for financial services. As a result, fees erode hard-earned income. Besides, payday loans and finance charges are excessive.

The development of the internet, various mobile data services, and payment systems such as Paypal, Venmo, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Line Pay, and KakaoPay, has opened economic empowerment by allowing more people access to the financial ecosystem.

However, some of the companies behind these services desire to become globally or regionally dominant. Their aspirations have led to the creation of multiple closed-loop systems catering to a subset of the global population.

The Hi team believes that open, low to no costs and instant money movement with worldwide reach will create immense economic opportunity. The company aims to allow its users to access financial services and control their money from anywhere.

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