Despace Protocol-a new sensation on the market?

Despace protocol is a newly appeared crypto sensation platform, catching everyone’s attention. You might still find the Dispace protocol confusing, so let’s discuss the project and its benefits in detail.

DeSpace Protocol is an innovational platform providing clients with advanced DeFi and NFT features. It merges a set of NFT and DeFi services aggregated in a single web interface from the crypto space.

Market analysts expect DeSpace to become the leading Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFT navigation platform.

The idea of the project is to provide users with a single interface to use multiple DeFi and NFT platforms, thereby solving the problems that users currently encounter when accessing and manipulating various decentralized exchanges and other DeFi solutions.

Three IDO launchpad platforms will present The DeSpace agreement: IDO,, and Interested participants must register on the allowlist and select applicants through the whitelist lottery.

Successful participants can obtain DeSpace protocol token DES at a very favorable price. The DeSpace agreement allocated a total of 781,251 DES tokens to IDO for 0.32 USD per token. In addition, 50% of the token distribution will be unlocked after the IDO event, and the remaining 50% will be opened one month later.

What solutions does the DeSpace agreement provide for users?

By using the intuitive and user-friendly interface on the DeSpace protocol, users can easily connect and handle multiple DeFi and NFT protocols. The company will attain it by using DeChain. DeChain is a layer two blockchain solution connecting different chains. It allows easy transactions across various bridges.

DeChain unites decentralized transaction proof (DPoTS) and delegated proof-of-stake consensus methods to guarantee speed, security, and high throughput. This makes the DeSpace protocol highly upgradeable. It also allows DeSpace protocol to maintain low transaction fees as well.

To sum up, the DeSpace protocol has developed some features that allow users to participate in DeFi and NFT easily. The main functions include NFT and DeFi aggregator, NFTPad, DeSwap, and DeLend.

What should we be expecting from the DeSpace agreement in the future?

According to DeSpace, they plan to launch their first app once IDO is completed. This event is scheduled to happen within the fourth quarter of 2021 and will enable users to explore its full suite of DeFi and NFT products.

The release of IDO is expected to become an essential milestone for the project and usher in a new era in the DeSpace ecosystem.

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