Elizabeth Holmes Fraud Case – The Selection of Jurors Begins

The trial of the jury in the case of Elizabeth Holmes, the former executive of Theranos, has begun in San Jose Federal Court. It is expected that this process will continue under intense media surveillance. Holmes arrived at Robert Pekem Federal Building in the morning and also received media attention.

Judges, prosecutors, and Holmes’ attorneys questioned potential judges. On Tuesday, 14 of the 40 jurors were fired for a variety of reasons. On Wednesday, almost 50 new potential jurors are expected to be questioned.

Holmes was awarded defendant status several years ago on fraud charges and allegations that he misrepresented his company’s technology capabilities. Yet Holmes pleads not guilty, though it should be noted that Elizabeth faces up to 20 years in prison.

Selection of Jurors

Holmes and those around her are concerned about the harassment of potential judges by the media and the pressure on the judiciary and the company. Elizabeth Holmes was the focus of the company’s popularity. However, the scandal around Elizabeth did not diminish the attention, moreover – made it more intense. This is evidenced by podcasts, documentaries, feature film materials devoted to the trial.

In addition to the 12 jurors, there will be at least five additional alternatives to the court. The trial was delayed due to several factors, including the pandemic, the birth of Holmes’ baby. In addition, some suggest that finding a jury can be pretty tricky because you have not heard much about Holmes or the company scandal.

The judge is maximally focused on selecting impartial jurors and those who know the details and specifics of the case. Potential jurors said they knew about Elizabeth Holmes and the company from YouTube and news channels.

Some potential judges noted that despite hearing some information, they did not know the exact causes of the scandal.

Before selection, jurors are required to select a 28-page questionnaire. The questionnaire deals directly with company issues as well as various data. Data from nearly 200 future jurors Complete. To avoid media exposure, the judge asked potential jurors to turn off the phone.


The anticipation of the trial has dramatically increased the popularity of coverage of Holmes’ case. A few days ago, the court unveiled documents that might be helpful to Holmes – Elizabeth’s ten-year abusive relationship with a former Theranos executive awaiting a separate trial.

The pandemic delayed Holmes’ trial several times. According to the latest report, all court employees have been vaccinated.

Holmes, 37, is accused of illegal fraud and conspiracy against investors. Prosecutors in the indictment speak of $155 million in transactions.

Elizabeth can submit an expert report whether she was in a relationship under psychological or physical pressure. According to the documents seized by the court, we may be dealing with control and even crimes such as interception of telephone conversations and violence.

It isn’t easy to draw the correct conclusions in advance. The only thing that is clear at this stage is that the trials will end quite noisily as this topic has become a subject of great interest to the media and the public.

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