Escrow Protocol offers an easy way to invest in start-ups

Escrow Protocol is a decentralized ICO and crowdfunding platform. It offers investor-controlled funding releases. The network’s community chooses projects for funding based on successful Milestone completion. Furthermore, the platform enables auto-staking of unallocated investment funds.

Escrow Protocol launched its native utility token on July 24, 2021. The initial coin offering will end on August 31, 2021. ESCROW token is very popular right now, and the demand is quite high. However, investors still have time to buy it if the platform’s goals suit their purposes.

ESCROW is a BEP20 token, and users can store it on the platform’s own web wallet. The token’s price is 0.00333 during the ICO.

How does the Escrow Protocol work?

The Escrow Protocol is a decentralized trust fund. It combines smart contracts and traditional crowdfunding with blockchain technology. The company will help start-up projects and companies to get funding. For that, the companies will have to set Roadmap Milestones and Timelines according to their actual capacity. They will also have to set realistic performance targets and make fulfillable promises.

On the other hand, investors will be able to vote on approval of Milestone completions. Their voting power will be relative to their investment stake, though. While project funding-release is set to continue by default, the investor community will easily block the release of further funding if project developments prove unsatisfactory.

The Escrow team noted that Start-Up companies don’t need to sit on enormous sums of raised money for months or years while they are working to develop the basic infrastructure of their project. So, the company will release the money in pre-arranged sums instead of sending the entire raised capital to the start-up firms from the start. As a result, investors will remain in control of their funds, and start-up projects will be motivated to deliver quality results in a timely manner.

How can investors add their gains in the process?

While the Escrow Protocol holds the frozen funds in waiting to release them according to schedule, the platform will automatically stake the money on the Escrow Lending Chain. That will create additional funds in interest payments, and the investors will be able to redeem their share of these gains at any time.

For instance, if the start-up company wants $1,000,000 in funding and Escrow Protocol’s community decides to split the project into ten equal funding steps over the course of 10 months, the company will get $100,000 for the first stage. Meanwhile, the platform will auto-stake $900,000, and investors will get profits.

Such a plan allows investors to have investment exposure, with their funds simultaneously generating safe profits until being allocated. Besides, the company will make sure that any project funded through this protocol has the best intentions to deliver a successful product timely.

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