Ethereum Eagle is Available on Coinlist. How Does it Work?

The Ethereum Eagle project (EGL) is relatively new, but it seems advantageous. The company has listed its native utility token on Coinlist. Traders can already buy EGL in the initial coin offering sale. That means you will get the token for a fraction of the price it will have soon.

This project is a community-led effort to bridge the lack of transparency and incentive misalignment between the community and miners. The company launched the ICO sale on August 4, and it will end on August 14.

EGL is an ERC20 token. Ethereum Eagle issued a total of 4,000,000,000 coins, and it plans to raise 1,250,000 by trading its tokens. The platform accepts ETH, BTC, USDC and USDT in exchange for EGLs.

EGL is a coordination token. Thus, its holders can use it to vote on Ethereum’s gas limit. Besides, this token incentivizes mining pools to follow their collaborative decision. Users can stake their ETH through CoinList in Genesis and earn EGL. After the vote on the Gas Limit, they may earn additional voting EGL rewards.

Why is EGL important?

Nowadays, miners solely decide block sizes and gas limits for the protocol. On the other hand, Ethereum users have no voice, even though these decisions impact them. EGL team decided to introduce an on-chain coordination token that would allow the entire ETH ecosystem to vote on Ethereum’s gas limit and incentivize Ethereum miners to follow the consensus gas limit set by the community.

Customers can lock ETH in the EGL Genesis contract. EGL holders can also vote on their desired gas limits and, as a result, earn additional EGLs. The company will release resulting Balancer pool tokens and EGLs between 10 to 52 weeks after Genesis based on time of participation. According to the team, EGL will offer more advantages as the project advances in the future.

Meanwhile, the GURU token hit the top on several ICO listing platforms

MobilityGuru launched its native utility token on August 8, 2021, and it has already got a high ranking on various platforms. The sale will end on August 23, 2021, so investors still have time to grab this token.

The price is 0.05 USD per GURU during the initial coin offering. However, the token’s value will increase once the ICO ends. The total supply of the coins is 200,000,000 GURUS.

MobilityGuru is the first platform and marketplace worldwide for buying, selling, and advertising services and products used by the disabled, people under rehab and the elderly.

Users will be able to use this platform anywhere around the globe. The company aims to connect all marketplaces and form a universal market. Thus, it will enable disabled people to buy and sell products easily, transparently and securely. This online platform will be the first of its kind, and it will incorporate cryptocurrency and facilitate transactions in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even GURU Token.

The MobilityGuru platform issued its native MobilityGuru token for utility reasons. GURU is based on the BEP-20 protocol. The team plans to use smart contracts to facilitate online transactions for clients across the globe, thus ensuring transparency of their platform.

Besides, the company stated that the cost of transactions on its platform would likely be the lowest worldwide at $0.015 for most transactions.

The IEO will also generate funds for developing MobilityGuru’s smart chain. After that, the company will deploy and integrate this chain as its platform’s currency system. It will use the smart chain not only for advertising but also for product and services transactions.

What are MobilityGuru’s other advantages?

The company offers many advantages to advertisers, sellers and buyers of mobility products and services. This niche market will be available online. Thus, advertisers will have wider opportunities to reach their target audience. They will easily sell their services and products on the MobilityGuru platform.

Furthermore, buyers will be able to select from a more comprehensive range compared to the currently available traditional online marketplaces. The latter often group many of their products under the miscellaneous section of their pages. Such a cataloguing system makes it time-consuming and challenging to find the product on the website.

On the other hand, MobilityGuru offers an advanced platform that satisfies international customers. The users can change the language on the website, eliminating the barrier that may arise due to the language difference.

The company also works on the security system to ensure that all transactions are safe. MobilityGuru will use smart contracts to conduct buying and selling operations on the website, guaranteeing their security.

The MobilityGuru is a high-level project. However, there are some challenges that affect this platform. The team is working to resolve such problems with the integration of blockchain technology.

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