Ethereum Forecast: The Potentials in System Upgrades

Vitalik Buterin, the brilliant brain behind the Ethereum block, considers the staff working with Ethereum a bigger problem than the actual software, as he stated in a recent interview for Forkast News. While a team working on a project may or may not be problematic, this is certainly not the only drawback. As promising as the new introduction may seem, the kind of software upgrade introduced will not solve the long-term problems that plague the network to reach the height that Buterin and his students once imagined. Ethereum 2.0 is linked as the blockchain Messiah of Ethereum. The long-awaited changes are not expected to address the core issues that plague the network and prevent wider adoption.

Ethereum is currently working on a performance verification (PoV) system that allows only up to 15 transactions per second or so – twice as much as that of the Bitcoin blockchain – and is considered impractical for building any expansive decentralized finance or DeFi, ecosystem. As a result, gas fees are incredibly high for Ethereum. Few transactions can be processed per second, the faster the processing price becomes competitive. A survey by Dune Analytics shows that 2-5% of transactions on Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges failed due to complications such as insufficient gas prices.

Ethereum managers announced the launch of Eth2 as a series of upgrades over the existing model to address these long-standing problems, which would include moving to PoS. The concept of proving stakes says that people can dig blocks and validate transactions depending on how many coins they have. The Ethereum Foundation has stated that it expects the transition to PoS to be made. A recent post by blog the Ethereum Foundation explained that energy requirements remain unchanged compared to the old PoV system.

The new upgrades are planned to be more environmentally conscious and speed up transaction processing. In addition to these upgrades, we can expect the blockchain programming language to change from the traditional Ethereum Virtual Machine to one that developers can adopt using C ++ or Rust, simplifying coding directly to the browser. Although infrastructure upgrades may prove helpful in some properties, such as improving transaction flow, they still fail.

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