FLOW is in the spotlight. You can already buy it on Binance

Binance recently listed FLOW token on its platform, opening trading for FLOW/BTC, FLOW/BUSD, FLOW/BNB, and FLOW/USDT trading pairs. Flow is a fast, decentralized blockchain. It is also developer-friendly, designed as the foundation for a new generation of digital assets, games, and apps. Based on a unique, multi-role architecture, Flow will be able to scale without sharding. Thus, it will allow for massive improvements in speed and throughput and simultaneously preserve a developer-friendly, ACID-compliant environment.

This blockchain will allow developers to build thriving crypto- and crypto-based businesses. Consumers will control their own data thanks to Flow’s applications. They will also be able to create new kinds of digital assets for trading on open markets accessible from anywhere in the world, as well as build open economies.

Users can assemble Smart contracts like Lego blocks on Flow. As a result, it will power apps serving billions of people, from businesses with mission-critical requirements to basketball fans.


What makes Flow unique among existing blockchains?

Flow has various advantages that enable it to stand out among other platforms in the DeFi space. For instance, it has a multi-role architecture, which allows the network to scale and serve billions of customers without reducing the decentralization of consensus or sharding.

The company also boasts resource-oriented programming. The team has written Flow’s smart contracts in Cadence, which is a safer and easier programming language for crypto apps and assets. The company stated that they designed this network for results. From its Flow Emulator to upgradeable smart contracts and built-in logging support, the platform proves their point.

Moreover, the team created Flow for mainstream consumers, with a low-friction path from fiat to crypto. They originally started building Flow for their own use-cases, but it has quickly become far bigger, and thus the team decided to offer their brainchild to other users in DeFi.

How can customers use FLOW tokens?

Like many other companies, Flow also issued its native token, which is crucial for the network. FLOW token is the utility currency for games, smart contracts, and apps built on top of the Flow blockchain.

Developers and customers can easily transact FLOW on the network. Besides, developers will be able to build FLOW directly into their apps. As a result, they will easily use the token to charge for services, peer-to-peer payments, or enable consumers to earn rewards for the value they create. Investors can hold or transfer FLOW on various networks worldwide.


In addition, token holders will be able to earn rewards by simply staking their FLOW as a security deposit. The company requires small amounts of these tokens for every activity on the network. According to the team, token holders will be able to use their FLOWs in various ways as the network matures. That includes payment for computation and validation services, deposit for data storage, medium of exchange, collateral for secondary tokens, participation in governance, etc.

What about Zinari Finance and its token?

Zinari Finance is a decentralized finance platform. The founders designed it to enable faster and cheaper cross-border payments. ZINA token allows customers in countries with currency and forex problems to make both local and international transactions easily.

Zinari launched its native token’s ICO on August 7, 2021, and it will end on October 9, 2021. 2,000,000,000 ZINA tokens will be available for sale during the initial coin offering. And the price will be $0.000050 per token. The company aims to raise $100,000 by trading its tokens, and it will accept BUSD in exchange for ZINA.

Customers can use this utility token for paying fees for processing transactions and storing data, as well as funds transfers, various payments, storage of value and governance votes to decide the allocation of network resources.

What are Zinari Finance’s goals, and how will the company achieve them?

The company plans to create a decentralized payment platform. It will enable customers to send and receive funds from other territories by using cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, users will be able to mint Paper notes for crypto assets. Thus, non-technical people will also use crypto to make local payments.

That’s not all, though. Zinari Finance will offer new crypto powered checking and overdraft system. The latter will provide corporates with an excellent alternative to banking networks. In addition, there will be a main Net for launching crypto powered fintech projects and stablecoins.

The team initially launched ZINA tokens on the Binance Smart Chain on April 15, 2020. They created 100 billion ZINA tokens, and now investors have the opportunity to buy them for the ICO price.

Brothers Hope and Michael Bernard created ZINA. Both of them have extensive experience in community building and corporate finance. They worked with Opera Pay as Business Development Managers. Furthermore, they have launched trading communities, internet business radio, educational communities and Marketplace start-ups.

However, Bernard brothers have faced lots of hardships while making international payments as Nigerians. They decided to create a new crypto payment system to solve such issues for millions of people in Africa.

According to the company, a demand and supply model governed independently of the founders’ input will regulate Zinari token prices. The holders will decide the exchange rate, the value, and the issuing systems. Zinari Finance aims to build a token where each unit will be valued to gold at a rate of 1 gold gram to 1 ZINA. With the increase of gold supply, the value of this token against the gold will increase, as well.

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