Frodo Tech’s token is very hot. What about TST and its ICO? 

Frodo Tech is a financial blockchain ecosystem, which is becoming increasingly popular. The team is working hard to establish itself in the Defi space. The company is a member of The Blockchain Association of New Zealand (BANZ), which is a good beginning. Frodo Tech provides its customers with financial services around the world, without any limitation of region or race.

 FRDX is Frodo Tech’s native utility token, created specifically for this platform. The team launched its ICO on December 2, 2021. The sale will end on January 31, 2022. The token price is 0.000019 USD per FRDX during the initial coin offering. The total supply of the tokens is 85000000000, but not all of them will be available at the first stage. The platform accepts BTC, ETH, LTC, TRX, SOL, USDT, BCH, BNB, USDC, DASH, XRP, BUSD, and DOGE in exchange for FRDX.

 According to the company, customer privacy is its priority. It does not require any type of KYC from the users. In this ecosystem, all people, regardless of nationality, race, or country, will be able to interact financially together. 

The Frodo Tech ecosystem offers various exciting features, including Frodo Launchpad, Frodo Wallet, Frodo Customer Support (FCS), Frodo Centralised Cryptocurrency Exchange (FCX), Frodo Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange (FDX), and Frodo Payment Gateway (FPG). There is also the platform’s native coin (FNC), Mainnet, DeFi Lending (FDL), and NFTs Marketplace (FNM). The team even created Frodo Forex Bridge (FFB), along with its own Decentralized Worldwide Stock Market (DWSM).  


Why is this company a good choice? 

Based in New Zealand, this IT company includes highly skilled experts. Its team is pro in efficiently delivering, as well as implementing advanced technologies such as cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence both in on-site and cloud environments. Besides, it offers these services at a considerably low cost compared to other similar platforms. 

Moreover, Frodo Tech provides best-fit, trustful solutions around AI, data analysis, cybersecurity, mobility, migration, custom applications, and managed services. In early 2021, its team decided to start a new era in technology. It had done considerable research into Blockchain and cryptocurrency before starting to develop its own platform. The company started its business on Blockchain with a goal to provide a unique cryptocurrency service. It aims to create a secure, trustable payment platform that will provide Blockchain as a service.

 Frodo Tech’s vision is to utilize blockchain technology as a financial tool. It wants to use a decentralized blockchain network to bring billions of new users into the global economy.


What solutions does Frodo Tech offer?

Despite being on the market for several years, Defi is still a relatively new space. Thus, there are a lot of issues to solve for it to work seamlessly. The Frodo Tech team aims to overcome some of these problems. Currently, the company offers the following solutions: peer-to-peer transactions, cross-border transactions, no intermediaries, real-time exchange, easy integration, Auto Settlement option, OS compatibility, and no need for KYC.

 Retailers, merchants, and businesses will receive payment directly from the users. The company will integrate the payment gateway into their existing payment model to ensure that. That attribute speeds up the transaction time. It also brings two major benefits: speedy transactions and secure access to the payment gateway.


Payment Solutions

Moreover, the crypto payment solutions eliminate the role of mediators and third parties from the payment system, which is another big advantage. The payment will reach the merchant directly from the customer’s wallet, avoiding high transaction costs.

 Usually, a fiat transaction requires several days to complete. However, the crypto transaction takes only a few minutes. Faster transaction speed enables businesses to quickly complete payments on import and export of goods.

 Besides, the payment gateway is much easier to integrate into an existing application. Thanks to such a system, merchants will be able to integrate the crypto plugin into their desired application and accept payments in cryptocurrency. 

Even though the crypto market is highly volatile, with the value of currencies often rising or falling quickly, there is a solution for safeguarding investors’ funds. The real-time exchange feature makes the payment gateway capable of converting coins into fiat at any time, ensuring that the users won’t lose much money in case of volatility. 

Overall, Frodo Tech has strong potential, a well-developed roadmap, and an experienced team. Given all these advantages, it’s not surprising that its token is so trending.

What about’s ICO? 

The Standard protocol is a Defi infrastructure project. It enables customers to generate stable cryptocurrencies. To achieve that, the company offers to use asset-backed loans without intermediaries. The protocol focuses on physical and crypto-assets as collateral. Furthermore, the community of Standard Token holders will manage this network, ensuring its decentralization. 

The team launched its native utility token in December 2021. In fact, the TST token is very popular. It trades for 0.5 USD per coin. The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000 TST. According to the company, it will distribute a total of 150 million Standard Tokens via a fair launch auction on Copper Launch. The platform accepts ETH, USDC, DAI, and WETH in exchange for its native tokens during the initial coin offering. 

The Standard protocol proposes to create a global decentralized new-age Gold Standard that does not rely on one centralized authority. Moreover, its protocol enables rare asset holders to generate fiat-pegged stable coins. They will borrow against their asset holdings to do that. 

Besides, the platform will unlock the trillions of Euros worth of cryptocurrencies and precious metals. Customers won’t even need to sell their assets to spend them. They will also be able to increase their investments and remain protected against inflation.

 Another advantage of this project is that borrowers lend against their own assets. will solve inflation by leveraging it to work for savers, not against them.


What features does the company offer? 

The team outlined three features: The Standard Euro, The Standard DAO, and The Standard Token. S-EURO is the first algorithmic stable coin worldwide that is soft pegged to the Euro and backed by fungible assets. DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization responsible for growing and governing the ecosystem. And Standard Token enables its holders to participate in the governance system of the Standard Protocol.




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