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As long as money has existed, so have various financial scams. Most target vulnerable people who are in one way or another desperate for cash. Think of loan sharks and how they often target gamblers who are addicted and likely to lose the money they borrow.

Now, the internet has changed things slightly, as such tricks no longer need to look for vulnerable people. Instead, you can look for someone with a simple lack of information and try to trick them. The internet is a complex place, and even for experienced people, spotting scams isn’t quite straightforward. It’s easy to point at the apparent scams and say you should’ve known better, but that’s the minority. Most shady companies are very well-hidden and patient with their moment to strike.

Naturally, that makes the damage they do even more severe. If we’re talking about brokers, users often amount a solid amount of profits by then. They might rely on the money they rightfully earned by trading or investing. Some might even use secure investments as sort of a pensions fund, relegating a solid portion of their savings to it. Once the brokers pull the rug from underneath them, it may decimate the customers financially.

However, another scam comes into play then. Vultures like Global Refund Group cross the desperation and lack of knowledge to become especially dangerous. The fact that they pose as a valid company that deals in legalities make them even threatening. The authority such a claim gives them in the eyes of some traders and investors ensures a higher success rate. The goal of our Global Refund Group review is to make traders more aware of such scams and prevent them from losing more money.


With the introduction out of the way, we should elaborate on why we consider the firm a scam. After all, when you open its website, it looks just like any other company. To a degree, it even looks well-made and looks easy on the eyes. However, once you start taking a closer look, things start to unravel. The longer you look, the more mistakes and inconsistencies you seem to notice.

One of the things you notice is that there are tons of grammar and spelling mistakes across the website. Now, that’s not usually a huge deal, but the amount makes it worrying. On top of that, a legal firm should especially have clear, correct, and precise wording. However, it’s possible to overlook that as a mistake if you’re not deep into scam investigation. In fairness, it’s far from the most damning piece of evidence.

One thing we initially looked at is where Global Refund Group operates from. The firm on their website shows us a quite prominent NY location, more precisely at Fifth Avenue. However, once you inspect Google Maps, you can see there’s no registered company there. Street view shows a Korean Barbecue place, which we can all agree is pretty far from a financial recovery firm.

Furthermore, if you google the address, you come upon another shady service. One that sells virtual addresses to companies in an attempt to make them look more valid. Now, if that doesn’t sound like a scam to you, we have a bridge to sell you. Combined with the intentional vagueness of the webpage content and the clearly unprofessional site, the verdict is clear. However, we can look through the services the firm alleges to provide for its users for even more thorough proof.


So now that our review has made you aware of their shadiness let’s look at what it does. The firm alleges to provide a wide array of services that relate to getting back money from scammers. They cover a few different areas, such as:

Romance ScamsPhishing ScamsCredit Card ScamsTrading Scams

The last category there is especially interesting, as there’s nearly nothing you can do about those. You can pursue the company that wronged you legally, but you don’t need a random online refund group for that. Instead, you should get a competent lawyer that specializes in that sort of litigation.

Global Refund Group also has some fake data plastered across its website. A high success rate, tons of funds recovered, and tons of customers satisfied. Naturally, this has no data to back it up, and as such, it holds no validity. Actually, it makes the firm seem less honest since it’s so apparent they’re making that up.

Let’s also look at the exact steps that the company takes to get your funds back. As per, the first steps a customer presenting evidence and the firm exploring the case. Next, they work on your case, whatever that means, and finally, they recover your funds. From the description, it’s clear that the firm doesn’t actually do anything and is selling snake oil.

The last thing we want to mention is how the company advertises itself with chargebacks and wire recalls. Yet again, this is a thing that has nothing to do with Global Refund Group. Those are features your bank either allows or doesn’t. If you want to do a chargeback or a wire recall, you should simply call your bank and request one. There’s no need for a middleman, especially not a shady one.

Global Refund Group Review: Conclusion

Our Global Refund Group review isn’t large enough to capture all the shady things about the company. We still haven’t even mentioned their poorly-made news section, which has a grand total of two articles. On top of that, we could likely double our text’s length if we were to name every inconsistency. However, we hope what we already wrote was enough to convince you that the firm is not a real company. The service they’re selling simply aims to prey on those that lost a ton of money recently.

Don’t fall for it, as all you can do is dig yourself deeper into a hole. As we said, is nothing more than a scam. If you want to take legal action, speak to an actual lawyer about your options.

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