Heroes & Empires is a promising Defi game. What about HE?

Heroes & Empires is a play-to-earn strategy game. It uses blockchain technology, combining the distinctive elements of Idle RPG and the tactics of auto chess. The team developed this game on the Unity engine with modern gameplay and high-end graphics, which are blockchain integrated. Thanks to its unique characteristics, Heroes & Empires stands out from the rest of the similar games. Furthermore, it will be compatible on both PC and mobile. The team is working hard to bring the best experience to players.

The company is planning to launch its native utility token soon. The ICO will start on October 4, 2021. The price will be $0.010000 per HE token during the initial coin offering. However, only 1.25% of the tokens will be available in the first stage. The team aims to raise $125,000 with this sale.

Token holders can use HE to earn rewards for playing, pay ingame expenses, or vote for governance votes to determine game changes and updates.

What about H&E features?

According to the company, Heroes & Empires will have many interesting features. For instance, there will be PvE: Campaign, Quest system, Madness Tower; Hero upgrade: level up, ascension; PvP: Arena; Marketplace: trade NFT; NFT burn: fuse heroes in the same type to rank up; and future updates: Dungeon Trial, Matrix of Deity, Bounty Hunter, Tournament, Clans War, Grand tournament, NFT gears, etc.

The team created 1 billion HE tokens at genesis. Only 8% of that amount will be circulating. The platform will use the remaining tokens for vesting schedule purposes.

A leading blockchain company, CryptoViet Labs, announced in August 2021 that it has partnered with Imba Games. Together they began developing an NFT game project – “Heroes & Empires.”

A group of crypto enthusiasts founded CryptoViet in 2016, intending to provide a useful information channel. In 2020, the team established CryptoViet Labs under the sponsorship of CryptoViet & Megala Ventures. CryptoViet Labs currently owns And its team consists of skilled developers with a strong belief in the Defi and Blockchain technology’s future.

Imba Games is also one of the leading mobile game developers and publishers in Vietnam. It develops high-quality game products that attract millions of players.

Even though Heroes & Empires is still in the development stage, it has a strong backing and great potential. So, it will likely become popular very fast.

Meanwhile, the Caizcoin token continues rallying

Caizcoin’s native token, CAIZ, is still very hot. The company launched its ICO on June 1, 2021. However, the sale will end on October 31, 2021. So, investors still have some time to acquire this token if they are interested. The Caizcoin system integrates Blockchain technology. As a result, it provides unique identities for Zakat and Waqf Blockchain.

CAIZ is an ERC-20 token, and it’s currently trading for 1.80 USD per coin. The Caizcoin platform offers many advantages. It also enables customers to use a crypto wallet for hassle-free payments all around the globe without being identified.

The company aims to create a global decentralized multifunctional currency system. Its goal is for this system to be reliable and provide financial security. Caizcoin will present an efficient global system that will provide the best data security.

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