How can Technology enhance the lives of people as they age?

How can Technology enhance the lives of people as they age?

The world population started to age, and now people live longer than before. Digital services and tools can now provide healthy and active aging possibilities by guaranteeing healthcare access. There is a vast market opportunity to create and promote services and products to empower and encourage older adults.

This article discusses how Technology can improve the lives of people as they age. Global Innovators communities and other Technology Pioneer members of the World Economic Forum analyzed this subject published below.

Enhance caregiver effectiveness

Chief Executive Officer (Tellus You Care, USA), Tania Coke, said that Technology could greatly advance caregiver effectiveness while decreasing care costs. She prioritized the idea of monitoring patients remotely. She added that this step of improving technologies does not mean replacing human caregivers or their interaction in the healthcare system. Instead, new Technology will make their work even more effective while delivering complex tasks, such as approaching patients in agricultural areas or working at night.

Increase accessibility

Founder and CEO of Praava Health (Bangladesh), Sylvana Sinha, said that Technology is trying to modify healthcare and enhance lives after aging. As personal flexibility decreases after aging, simple activities such as going to doctor’s appointments become extremely difficult.

She said that Technology allows them to raise the quantity and quality of the healthcare system for aging adults at their institution.

Create an easy interface

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Earli, Cyriac Roeding, said that almost every older adult wants to stay at home instead of hospital. According to Cyriac, older adults should be able to have access to more accessible healthcare possibilities. Besides that, they can quickly satisfy their needs, such as grocery shopping and other necessities.

Grocery shopping and home deliveries well developed recently. There are also other devices available that can remind them when to take pills and other important events.

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