Instagram for kids paused after backlash.

Instagram paused the plan to make an Instagram experience for kids called Instagram Kids.

The company head Adam Mosseri wrote that Facebook should also consider all the advice from experts, parents, regulators, and policymakers.

The article follows the leaked private research from the Wall Street Journal saying that Instagram seemed toxic for teenage girls.

However, in a recent post, Pratiti Raychoudhury, the head of research from Facebook, described this allegation as inaccurate.

Instagram allows users from 13 years to create accounts, but many younger children still use the platform.

Earlier, BBC News had an interview with the company. It said that Instagram Kids could be a reasonable solution to the persistent industry problem of kids lying about their age to open accounts. According to the company, this solution enables children to connect with their friends and family members in an age-appropriate way.

However, at the beginning of April, a Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood report claimed the platform remained dangerous for children’s health. They called for the project to be rejected.

Mr. Mosseri discussed the positive sides of the policy in the new blog post. He said that he considered it better to make Instagram for 10-12-year-olds instead of relying on an app’s capability to confirm kids’ age at a very young age when they do not even have ID. He added that the reality shows that kids easily go online.

While the company paused the project, Instagram will increase its concern on a new option such as parental supervision tools to reach 13-19-year-olds currently having accounts on Instagram.

Mr. Mosseri also wrote that the company would make more announcements on this matter in the following months.

He disagreed with the information spread by the WSJ, saying that the leaked research accumulated a lot of questions from parents and lawmakers altoghether.

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