IONX token’s ICO will launch on the Polkastarter soon

Charged Particles announced that its native token, IONX, will soon be available on the Polkastarter platform. The company plans to offer 100,000 IONX during the initial coin offering. That is only 21% of the total supply. The price will be $0.200000 during the ICO sale. Charged Particles plans to raise $200,000, and it will accept USDT and DAI in exchange for IONX tokens.

Like many others, Charged Particles is a new protocol. It allows customers to deposit ERC-20, ERC-1155, or ERC-721 tokens (any kind of tokens, really) into an NFT.

Furthermore, the platform will enable users to transform a scarce NFT (e.g., Collectible, Art, In-Game Item, Virtual Real Estate, any other kind of NFTs) into a basket holding a number of other tokens.

Customers will be able to deposit any ERC-20 token or NFT. However, the main interest-bearing asset offered in the Charged Particles Protocol will be Aave’s aTokens when the platform goes live. That is a game-changer for NFTs.

Yield-bearing aTokens, which will have a programmable charge, is one of the many various assets that NFTs can hold. Users can also deposit the specific number of LP Tokens, their own social tokens or Speculative tokens inside a scarce NFT.

They can even deposit tokens (assets) into other customer’s NFTs. Every user’s NFT will have its own wallet.

Thus, customers will be able to customize the configurations of their NFTs easily. According to the team, mechanics for Charged Particles include Time-Locks, Charge and Discharge.

Using Time-Locks means that customers will be unable to withdraw assets deposited into an NFT until a certain time period.

The charge works differently. If the token holder deposits an asset supported as an Aave aToken, it’s swapped on the platform instantly. The user can then determine how they would like to treat the interest. For example, they can discharge this charge to a different address — the NFT creator, a charity, or a friend — it’s their choice.

There are also Mass (Principle) Removal Configurations and Discharge (removing accrued interest) Configurations.

The NFTs created via Charged Particles platform are standard non-custodial NFTs. Users can sell them on popular marketplaces like Opensea or Rariable. However, these tokens enable users to easily hold other ERC-20 tokens, as well as have a programmable interest.

This company is essentially offering to create a new and independent asset class of “charged” NFTs, which will include tradable markets and other establishments as a cornerstone piece of the “DeFi lego block economy”.

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