LG Presented its Next-Generation OLED Technology

LG is famous for its OLED TVs and people are always waiting for its products. On December 29, LG Display presented its next-generation OLED technology dubbed OLED EX. According to the company, OLED EX will increase brightness by up to 30%, boost picture accuracy and allow for smaller bezels in finished products.

The improvements mentioned above are due to two key changes. Notably, the first is the use of an element known as deuterium in the chemical make-up of LG’s OLED panels and the second is the incorporation of algorithmic image processing. 

LG’s next-generation OLED technology is quite interesting. Nonetheless, we will have to wait until we see these new panels in person to test OLED EX’s abilities. On a related note, LG helpfully explains that EX in OLED EX comes from the words “evolution” and “experience”. 

The company’s claims about reduced bezel sizes with OLED EX are a little more concrete at least. In the case of a 65-inch OLED display, LG will be able to reduce bezel thickness from 6mm to 4mm. It is not a huge improvement on paper, nonetheless, given how optimized OLED already is, every little improvement has to be fought for.

The company plans to start incorporating OLED EX technology into all its OLED panels starting in the second quarter of 2022. Unfortunately, it’s not clear how much longer it might then take for this technology to reach consumers. 

Several days ago, LG Display new concepts at CES 2022. One of them is the OLED Shelf. Its new concept consists of two 55-inch transparent OLED displays mounted on top of one another, with a shelf at the very top. The company says it is ideal for the living room. 




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