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In the online finance world, popular scamming methods seem to rotate and replace each other gradually. A specific type of trick can’t stay popular for too long, as people tend to catch on. For example, ICO scams are popular, and their organizers often manage to steal millions from their unfortunate victims. It’s a question of how long they’ll remain a common method, but they aren’t the only standard fraud method. Namely, companies like My Quick Refund can also be quite dangerous and apt at theft.

Refund or fund retrieval companies are as prominent as other common scam methods. However, they have one quality that makes them more malicious than others in that they stand out less. When a high-profile ICO scam happens, there are tons of outlets reporting about it. Such news sometimes even makes it to the mainstream media, especially channels critical of crypto. Fund recovery companies slide under the radar, impacting much smaller groups.

There are multiple reasons that make such firms dangerous, as we’ll outline in our My Quick Refund review. Namely, one of their dangerous qualities is that they pretend to have legal power, giving users hope. Another is that they prey on those that have been victims of scams recently, marking them vulnerable. People in such a state are much more likely to make a lapse in judgment and fall for a scam. After all, if you lose thousands, you’re quite likely to start grasping at straws.

The firms are quite malicious marketing-wise as well, as we’ll explain later. My Quick Refund and companies similar to it have quite a negative impact on the online financial business landscape. As such, we feel like it’s necessary to raise awareness regarding them.

As we said earlier in our My Quick Refund review, similar companies are quite malicious. They prey on victims of scams who are often vulnerable since they’ve taken a significant financial blow. Even worse, such companies often advertise via trust review websites. They leave false reviews of how the company at hand scammed them and how the refund firm helped them. That makes it harder to discern the actual validity of the financial company you’re researching.

But let’s focus on My Quick Refund in specific. The firm garners enough concern for us to be confident that it’s a scam. Namely, while there are some recovery companies with a semblance of validity to them, this one doesn’t have any. When you look at its addresses, it’s apparent that neither of them is real. That means the company operates from who knows where and hides its location intentionally. Firms have only one reason to hide their address, and it’s often because they’re doing shady business.

Next, when you look at, it quickly becomes apparent that the company doesn’t do anything. All the descriptors of their actions sound good, but there’s no substance to any of them. They use buzzwords such as justice but don’t have any actual plan outline. They’re using the common scam method of telling uninformed listeners what they want to hear. If you’re even slightly more knowledgeable, it’s apparent that the firm is lying.

One last thing we want to mention is how wonky the website itself is. My Quick Refund doesn’t even put enough effort in to maintain appearances. In certain sections, there are lines such as

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