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Online Fund Retrieval companies are a relatively new concept that seems to be gaining some popularity. Naturally, such companies have existed in reality for a long time, and it was only a matter of time before they went to the internet. However, one common quality of many such firms is that they’re malicious or even a straight-up scam. They often prey on vulnerable people that lost a significant amount of money recently via various means. That’s a common tactic for fraudulent businesses or people, like “fortunetellers” and “psychics” approaching grief-struck families.

Naturally, that doesn’t mean every fund retrieval, refund, or recovery firm is a scam. Many provide valid services that end up helping out those that find themselves in a rough spot. However, that’s the case for offline fund recovery services, which often employ legal professionals. The online variety, including MyChargeBack, the topic of today’s review, are a bit different. They are seldom useful and often operate in a way that borders legality.

The difference between real-world and online refund companies is vast, in part due to their area of effect. For example, a real-world firm can select a town or a city and employ a team of legal experts. The experts then specialize in local laws and legislation regarding scams, becoming unique in their functioning. In that process, you get a firm that has a strong hold on a high-demand legal area. And since they only operate in a specific location, it becomes easy to pursue the scammers.

For our MyChargeBack review, we’re dealing with an online company that is much less helpful. We’ll go into why later, but online companies face much more difficulties than offline ones. The lack of a global legal structure makes it so such companies have very limited capabilities.


Earlier in our MyChargeBack review, we mentioned how a lot of refund companies were scams. That’s especially true for online refund companies, which tend to be extremely malicious. There’s often no real repercussion for firms that operate like that, so they abuse vulnerable groups. Unfortunately, that makes the financial business landscape much less safe than it already is. Additionally, it drags the already questionable use of somewhat valid refund companies even further down.

Because of how common fund compensation companies turn out to be scams, it’s dangerous to use one. Even the companies that seem like they have integrity often turn rogue after a while. Now, it’s worth noting that appears to be one of the slightly more valid companies out there. It has multiple regulators and doesn’t seem to have any of the telltale scam signs on its website.

It doesn’t lack content and is pretty clear on what and how its refund process goes. In that way, MyChargeBack doesn’t seem dishonest or misleading towards its customers. That already places it above most chargeback companies. Another factor that improves the safety of the firm is that it has multiple locations, which are all valid. Most similar companies rent out fake locations to appear more legitimate than they are.

The last factor that improves the safety of MyChargeBack is the fact that it’s multi-regulated. It has some strong regulators on its list, which is solid proof of the validity of its intentions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a clean slate, as many of its customers have left worrying reviews of the company. Although that’s not enough to call MyChargeBack a scam outright, it does leave open some questions about its functioning and intentions.


As we emphasized earlier in our MyChargeBack review, it and similar companies offer a variety of services. However, unlike their offline counterparts, their usefulness is often quite limited. While real-life refund firms base themselves on legal capabilities, online ones don’t have that luxury. If you’re trying to pursue an offshore firm with a questionable address and fake owner, you won’t find much success. As such, the firms forgo that approach, as taking legal steps simply isn’t possible for them.

However, that also robs the firms of the professionalism their real-life counterparts have. While you might use an offline refund company for the knowledge of its lawyers, there’s no online equivalent. Because they aren’t legal experts, they rely on technical measures and features. Those most commonly include chargeback requests and bank wire recalls. Unfortunately, that degrades the role of online fund recovery firms to telephone operators.

Since there’s no specific competence, there’s no real reason to use such companies either. If you pay for a service, you usually do that because it offers skills, knowledge, or resources you don’t possess. On the other hand, if all a firm does is call a bank for you, why would you pay for their services? Online refund firms, or at least the few that aren’t straight-up scams, hinge on customer unawareness. They want to make you believe they’re doing something you can’t, although that’s not true.

Now, not to be entirely cynical and harsh towards, making those calls yourself is a hassle. As such, using the services of online refund companies has some merit as it’s more convenient than doing it yourself. Still, the risk that one day (or even right away) the company might scam you much outweighs the marginal reward of the service.


As we said in our MyChargeBack review, it’s far from the worst refund companies out there. Actually, from our experience, it’s one of the better ones that deal with returning customer money. However, we simply don’t think there’s enough merit in using any sort of specifically online refund company. Such firms don’t have the legal backup or expertise that would provide any kind of guaranteed result. Furthermore, they are often scams and end up harming users more than they benefit them.

If you’ve been slighted by an online financial scam, such companies might sound alluring. However, you’d likely find much more benefit in speaking to a lawyer that operates in your local area. To wrap up our MyChargeBack review, it’s not a horrid company on its own, but is in a dubious and risky business branch.

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