OnlyFans Bans Adult Content

OnlyFans announced that it plans to ban its users from posting adult content on its website.

On Thursday, the company stated that it would implement the new policy at the beginning of October.

The company said in a statement that to ensure the long-term sustainability of their platform and continue hosting a community of creators and fans, they must develop their content guidelines. These changes will comply with the requests of their payout providers and banking partners.

OnlyFans also noted that it would allow users to publish their nude photos and videos if they do not violate its policy. The company plans to ban users from posting illegal content, such as videos of minors or somebody else`s content.

Despite the popularity of sex work and adult content, institutions like banks are still conservative. Thus, they are careful handling money passing through these platforms. Most providers are forced to deal with the constant anxiety of knowing their platforms might lose everything. Obviously, adult content platforms will never have a solid relationship with financial institutions. So, it’s time for the platforms to move to something else.

In many ways, OnlyFans banning porn seems like an obvious betrayal of creators. Those creators will likely look at new platforms, but it seems unstable how they can handle payment issues. However, there might be a different situation in platforms operating with crypto, but there is still a real risk for creators to adopt a platform where fans might not know how to make payments.

The real challenge is to make it simple for new users to adopt a new platform and open their first crypto wallet while staying obedient to regulatory guidelines.

In the meantime, new solutions and various startups began to show up aiming to decentralize using crypto.

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