PlayAndLike launched its ICO today. What does it offer?

PlayAndLike began its native token’s ICO sale today. 3,333,333,333,333 PALs will be available for trade, which is 0.0556% of the total supply. The price is $0.000001 per token during the initial coin offering. Investors can buy PAL on Ignition’s platform. The company aims to raise $10,000,000, and it accepts BUSD in exchange for its tokens.

Play&Like plans to create a platform where people can upload small videos or entertain themselves with existing content. It will be much like YouTube or TikTok, actually, but on the Defi platform. The company will also work on a social incentive to attract users. Customers will be able to create their own videos and like other ones. It’s a chance for people to showcase their talent and creativity while earning some passive income. PlayAndLike’s global community offers multiple earning options.

The company plans to provide every PAL token holder with simple and effective ways to gain exposure to digital assets. It also gives an equal chance to everyone to become a star without any discrimination. Besides, this platform is community-focused and fully decentralized.

Play&Like’s team believes that people are all born with distinctive talents that are as singular as fingerprints. However, these are not skills we learn along the way but inborn gifts, like how your voice sounds, athletic prowess, or inner mechanical capability. Thus, it offers the opportunity to show these natural talents to the whole world and gain money along with popularity. The company will reward its users with its native utility token.

Users can earn PALs simply by making dance or tutorial videos, but they will also have to make their channel on the platform.

The company created its own app, which operates as an online platform. In addition, it offers a wide variety of services, including communication and advertisement services. The community members and users can create their profiles with it. The users can also enjoy live streaming, chatting, voice call, and video call, among other features.

The app also provides a Wall where customers can post pictures, videos, advertisements, and promotional content. Furthermore, a person can easily earn free money by watching videos in the app.

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