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Online trading is getting the most common “hobby” among today’s generations. However, collaboration with brokerage firms is the first thing you need to do to succeed in the industry. There are tons of them, but for sure, not all of them are worth our attention. Our honest broker reviews point out the most trusted and respected brokers on the market and introduce them to you to protect you from scams.

Thus, today, we want to present you to another well-reputed brokerage firm, SagaTrade. Our in-depth SagaTrade broker review will evaluate their services and features, so read on to find out more.

SagaTrade Review: General Information

SagaTrade is a CFDs and Forex broker that appeared on the market not so long ago. The company is headquartered in UK, London. The exact address is 115 Bishopsgate London EC2M 3UE.

SagaTrade is dedicated to providing a safe, sound, and productive online trading experience for any trader. They claim to offer services on a budget, suggesting the most advanced technology and tools. The assets are also quite satisfying. The SagaTrade website is 100% transparent, sharing all the commission fees, withdrawal, and payment methods, and trading conditions public. Plus, comprehensive options for training materials definitely help beginners learn all the basic essentials.

Safety with SagaTrade

We have noticed that customer safety is a major priority of the company. introduced us to several security measures to ensure the safety of traders.

With 256-bit encryption, proper business registration, and account isolation, SagaTrade provides its traders with a secure online trading platform that you can blindly trust.

SagaTrade ensures that every deposit you make in their trading account will be transferred to a safe bank. They only use the most reliable and audited banks to ensure the safety of your funds. In addition, the provided bank account is segregated from the one owned by the company. They also monitor your account 24/7 to see if there is any suspicious activity.

All in all, SagaTrade provides highly secure trading conditions.

Trading platforms

SagaTrade has introduced many trading platforms in its services. They have also created their advanced, well-designed online platform.

It is equipped with cutting-edge technology and the most modern trading tools to achieve fast execution and real-time results. In addition to these alternatives, you can also use MT4, and MT5 trading platforms, generally considered the best solutions on the market. They are the favorites of businesses all over the world and can provide a powerful experience for everyone.

Additionally, SagaTrade has introduced mobile trading applications for iOS and Android in its services, which can be used for trading when going out. They provide freedom for traders, and you can choose the platform that suits you best.

We consider SagaTrade very suitable for a very trader as they provide customers with access to many of the world’s major financial markets. You can freely trade foreign exchange, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies on this platform to diversify your investment portfolio.

Trading assets

SagaTrade generally covers foreign exchange, CFDs, indices, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrency transactions.

When you are in the foreign exchange market, you can trade many different types of currency pairs. SagaTrade allows you to trade large and small currency pairs. Large currencies are known for being extraordinarily liquid but very stable. On the other hand, the small ones are beneficial for making big trades and huge profits.

In addition, all major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc., are available. CFD options are also very diverse.

Therefore, you have many opportunities to diversify your investment portfolio.

Review of SagaTrade Trading accounts

Now, let us discuss which trading accounts SagaTrade offers. As the website says, you can register on seven types of trading accounts, excluding the Islamic one: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Premium, and VIP.

Although the account prices are quite above the average, their impressive service makes them worthwhile. Let’s discuss them in detail:

BRONZE account:

Minimum deposit EUR10,000Market ReviewsWebinar AccessSocial Trading

SILVER Account:

Minimum Deposit: EUR 25,000Market ReviewsWebinar AccessSocial TradingVOD: Advanced

GOLD Account:

Minimum Deposit: EUR 50,000Market ReviewsWebinar AccessSocial TradingVOD: Advanced1 Risk-Free TradePersonal Assistant

PLATINUM account:

Minimum Deposit: EUR 100,000Market ReviewsWebinar AccessSocial TradingVOD: Advanced3 Risk-Free TradePersonal AssistantCustomized AccountAccess to Trading Room

DIAMOND account:

Minimum Deposit: EUR 250,000Market ReviewsWebinar AccessSocial TradingVOD: Advanced3 Risk-Free TradesPersonal AssistantCustomized AccountSpecial OffersTrading SpecialistExclusive Market Updates

PREMIUM Account:

Minimum Deposit: EUR 500,000Market ReviewsWebinar AccessSocial TradingVOD: Advanced3 Risk-Free TradesPersonal AssistantCustomized AccountSpecial OffersTrading SpecialistExclusive Market UpdatesPremium Algorithmic Trading SystemFull Account OverviewDedicated Account Genius

VIP account:

Minimum Deposit: EUR 1,000,000Market ReviewsWebinar AccessSocial TradingVOD: Advanced3 Risk-Free TradesPersonal AssistantCustomized AccountSpecial OffersTrading SpecialistExclusive Market UpdatesPremium Education PackagePremium Algorithmic Trading SystemDedicated Account SpecialistFull Account OverviewCustomized PlatformsExclusive AssetsPremium Account Manager

ISLAMIC account:

*The minimum amount price is not mentionedHalal AccountSwap-FreeNo InterestsMarket ReviewsSocial TradingWebinar AccessSpreads: Regular

Deposit and withdrawal

Offering a wide choice of payment methods is another must for a broker. It does not matter how excellent your proposed trading conditions are. The company simply won’t have clients if they can’t deposit or withdraw money with the preferred method. Thus, let’s explore how SagaTrade did here.

According to the website, accepted deposit methods are Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Wire transfer, and internet payment transfers. The choice is not that wide, but they still cover the most well-known and widely-used trading methods, meaning the clients cannot possibly come across any issues while making a transaction.

Withdrawal methods are the same. The time it takes for a trader to withdraw or deposit funds depends on their chosen method. When a trader deposits through a credit or debit card, the transfer is almost instant. The speeds are similar for internet payment transfers as well. However, when the trader transfers payment through a bank wire, it can take 3 to 5 working days.

Fees and Commissions

Besides, SagaTrade does not charge its clients any fee on your first deposit of the month. They also don’t charge traders anything on their first withdrawal of the month. However, traders should keep in mind that some of the fees might still appear from their bank’s side.

Additional trading tools

The trading platforms offered by SagaTrade come with various add-on tools. These trading tools boost your market prediction accuracy and guarantee a more successful trade.

Thus, working with, you can feel free to use an economic calendar, risk management, alerts, traders’ guide, news and market insights, market analysis videos, and live charts tools to improve your market analysis skills.

Educational resources

Providing decent educational material for your traders is a significant advantage for a broker company, and it seems SagaTrade has taken this part seriously too.

SagaTrade broker makes sure its clients have enough sufficient trading information to trade successfully. It even offers one-on-one trading sessions with a private expert trainer, which is a dream come true for a beginner investor.

Thus, there are tons of free Videos, Ebooks, Seminars, and Webinars available on the platform, covering all the essentials you’ll possibly need to master before joining the online trading industry.

Customer support service

Customer service is one of the essential aspects of the brokerage business that many traders overlook. This may significantly affect your trading experience because if you don’t get the support you need when you need it, you won’t be able to trade.

They introduced top-notch support alternatives for customers, including 24/7 online chat. You can also request a call back by filling out the online contact form on the website.

In addition to these choices, its website also introduces a FAQ area where you can get answers to frequently asked questions.

Besides, don’t forget the series of educational materials for individuals who need advice: one-to-one trading is a perfect choice to ask whatever you’re curious about.

The exact contact details are shown below:

Address: 115 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3UE

Phone line: +44 2039877591; +44 2039877626

Email address: [email protected]

SagaTrade Review: Final thoughts

In the end, we are delighted with SagaTrade brokers’ offered trading conditions. From all the sections of their website, you can see their dedication. They have worked hard to build a safe and well-informed environment for the traders.

Overall, we consider an excellent place for traders with any level of experience. If you’ve just stepped into the trading industry, then you have found the right place.

Educational materials, supporting trading tools, and smooth trading platforms help you solve any issues. Plus, an attentive and dedicated client support team is always there for you.

We hope our in-depth SagaTrade review helps you make the right choices and simplifies your online trading path.

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