SolRazr is launching its hot token today – Market Wrap

SolRazr is launching its hot token today – Market Wrap

SolRazr is a new platform designed to support the growth of Defi and NFTs and web3 applications that can scale. It aims to become the de-facto fundraising and developer platform for projects built on Solana.

The company is launching its native token SOLR today. 300,000 SOLR tokens will be available for sale during the initial coin offering, which is only 0.3% of the total supply. The price will be $0.300000 per token. SolRazr aims to raise $300,000 by trading SOLR coins, and it will accept USDC in exchange.

This platform has serious plans for future development. Currently, retail investors face a serious challenge when it comes to becoming a part of the early growth phase of the next-generation projects built on Solana, which is the fastest-growing network. SolRazr aims to solve this problem by providing access to projects through decentralized and, most importantly, fair allocations.

The platform will also enable the projects and developers to raise capital at lightning speeds in a truly decentralized manner. Thus, aiding them to forge solid communities for long-term support. Moreover, the company will provide access to many developer tools to help users build fast on Solana and go to market early.

What are SolRazr’s key features?

SolRazr offers many interesting features, but the most important ones are Tradable Allocations, Accelerator, Developer Tools, and Cross-chain Pools. It will leverage the power of NFTs on Solana to enable reimagining token sale whitelists and allocations. Under the Accelerator program, the SolRazr team incubates projects, provides tools to build fast on Solana, and helps users with a go-to-market strategy.

Furthermore, the company will help developers build and launch fast thanks to its automating token infrastructure deployment on Solana. SolRazr has built cross-chain pools on the Solana wormhole. These pools enable communities from other chains to directly invest into Solana projects.

Epsilon is still trending. Why is this token so popular?

Epsilon launched its native token’s ICO on September 4, 2021, and the sale will end on December 13, 2021. While this platform is relatively new, it firmly maintains one of the highest rankings on the ICO listing websites. Currently, EPSI tokens are trading for 0.000002 USD. But their price will increase after the initial coin offering. The company aims to raise 10 000 000.00 USD with this sale. The total supply of EPSI tokens is 9999999999990.

Epsilon is a publicly secured and community-driven open search engine. It offers users an outstanding performance while preserving their privacy and even rewarding them. In addition, this platform provides its customers complete power over the device.

The founder team created the Epsilon Search Platform to offer Defi users the first and best decentralized search engine. Epsilon is pretty ambitious, aiming to become the best search engine on the planet. The company is taking a holistic approach and focusing on users over pure technology. The Epsilon team allows user needs and community feedback to become the core drivers of technology evolution.

However, the Epsilon search engine’s main advantage is infinitely more secure than centralized search engines. Consumers will be able to profit from this decentralized search engine, which makes it more unique. Inside the Epsilon search ecosystem, its native token is extremely useful, and the number of use cases is continuously increasing. Each community member receives their own share from the profits brought by EPSI tokens.

What about KubeCoin’s ICO?

FlyKube achieved great success after its appearance on the Defi market, and EatKube shows similarly strong potential. As a result, the founder group decided to offer a new line of business, which is equally well-thought-out. According to the team, Kube Group is the natural evolution of the current FlyKube company. And KubeCoin seems destined to become a success like its predecessors. Hence its token’s popularity.

The company launched its native token KUBE on September 27, 2021. However, the sale will end on October 13, 2021. The token is trading for 0.04 EURO during the initial coin offering. The total supply of KUBE tokens is 480.000.000, but only some percentage will be available during the first stage sale.

Token holders will gain many advantages by owning KUBE. They can pay with this token on all FlyKube’s platforms and get rewards in the process.

How does this platform work?

KubeCoin employs a unique engine that enables the company to select its providers’ best offers and packages. Thus, it can decentralize the platforms to ensure customer satisfaction while simultaneously reducing costs significantly.

Furthermore, FlyKube’s last upgrade focuses on AI. The team is studying every transaction to improve performance. According to it, every time a customer buys or uses a product, the platform will automatically convert the purchase value to KubeCoin. That creates a digital transaction system, which, on the other hand, reinforces a constant transaction flow of this coin.

There are several ways to acquire KubeCoins. Users can buy them or get tokens as special rewards while using the company’s platforms. Besides, the more token holders involve themselves and interact, the more they can earn. FlyKube aims to create a constant transaction flow through its platforms.

The team announced that it would create its own Swap Exchange. The latter is an interactive platform that will allow exchanging digital currencies into KubeCoins. The company wants to stimulate the use of its coin. Considering its low fees and reasonable exchange rate policy, it has excellent chances to achieve that goal. FlyKube also plans to reward its users’ engagement with the Kube business generously.

Users can open different kinds of accounts on the platform

Token holders can amass KUBE tokens through the Kube Referral Program. Their account will change according to the amount they earned, incorporating a Beginner, Basic, Advanced, Expert, and Pro status.

To create a Beginner level account, users need to register for the pre-launch and buy 10 KUBE tokens. If they invite five users and get 50 coins, they will have access to the Basic package. For an Advanced level account, they will need to invite 15 users and acquire 100 KUBEs. Invite 30 users and buy 300 tokens, and you will have an Expert account. If investors invite 60 users and amass 600 KUBEs, they will have access to the Pro account.

FlyKube also opened the KUBE marketplace. Customers can pay with KubeCoin on this marketplace and its global premium partners’ platforms. They will even get special discounts and offers only available while using KUBE coins.

The user will basically earn profits with every purchase made on the KubeCoin platform or its global partners’ platforms. The company plans to create a reward system that allows customers to exchange their acquired points for KUBE tokens or rewards.

KubeCoin powers This decentralized Defi token provides a high utility layer to the KubeSystem. The company’s long-term goal is for KUBE to become the primary currency in the leisure and travel industries.

At first, the team intended to use this token only as a Marketing tool to increase consumer loyalty, attract new users and help promoters/influencers to spread the concept through its community. However, it realized that KUBE has greater potential. It is the basis to connect the company’s platforms with its users directly.

The FlyKube team has already proved that it can build a successful company. Investors seem optimistic that KubeCoin will become such in a short time. However, the KUBE token plays a crucial role in achieving that goal.

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