Sony Revealed New Details about its VR Headset

Sony announced new details regarding its new virtual reality headset and teased what the experience will look like in a demo for an upcoming PlayStation game.

Last week, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO Jim Ryan attended the CES technology event in Las Vegas. He confirmed Sony’s new VR headset will be called PlayStation VR2. Sony’s new model will replace its predecessor PS VR. The company’s new VR headset will work with Sony’s PlayStation 5 console, which it released in late 2020. 

PlayStation VR 2 will come with an OLED display supporting 4K resolution, and a new controller called PS VR2 Sense. Furthermore, it will link up to the PS5 via a single cord.

Sony’s new VR headset is also equipped with an eye-tracking technology that affects how the player interacts with a game. The system will also feature a built-in motor with vibrations to create headset feedback.

The company did not reveal one very important detail about its new VR headset. It did not reveal what its new headset will look like. But, Sony gave an early look at the in-game experience, showing off the trailer for a new game called Horizon: Call of the Mountain. 

It is not alone as other companies are also working on VR headsets. Facebook’s parent company Meta and others attempt to capitalize on a buzzy new trend in tech-the “metaverse.” Many iterations of the metaverse include VR technology.

Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 VR headset was a popular gift during the holidays, with the main Oculus app topping the rankings on App Store on Christmas Day. Still, some experts are concerned about how safe the metaverse will be. Most of the VR systems lack parental controls. 




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