Tesla Has to Cope with Numerous Problems in Germany

One of the most famous electric carmakers is clearing the final hurdles to get its German “Gigafactory” up and running in 2022. Tesla has been working on its new factory for more than two years. Still, local disputes significantly affected its plans.

The latest hurdle has the potential to change its plans. It involves a dispute regarding a water pumping facility in the region where the Gigafactory is located. The case stated above relates to the action taken by environmental groups against local authorities over the supply of water in the region. In October, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk brushed off the question, saying there are plenty of water supplies in the region. 

In its annual impact report for 2020, the company said that the new facility in Germany and its site in Texas will result in “further reductions in our water usage per vehicle”. Nevertheless, Tesla acknowledged that water supply is a challenge due to climate change. 

It’s the latest development in a long winding saga for the carmaker and its CEO Elon Musk. The company announced plans for the Gigafactory near Berlin, its first factory in Europe.

In spite of the disruptions of the Covid-19, Tesla moved ahead with construction quickly. Still, Tesla faced problems from the first day. It faced local challenges as well as red tape. 

This summer, an internal report warned of potential accident risk at Tesla’s Gigafactory. In the meantime, local authorities fined Tesla for construction violations. 

Nevertheless, officials understand the importance of Tesla’s factory. Its new Gigafactory received much support as a boon for the local economy and jobs. The mayor of the nearby town of Gründheide supports the company’s factory. The mayor even called it a “once-in-a-lifetime chance” to stimulate the local economy. 




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