The best NFT ideas we saw in 2021

The year 2021 is behind us, and it is time to make an excellent and valuable summary when it comes to non-fungible token projects. First of all, in this text, we will present to you what, in our humble opinion, are the best NFT ideas we have had the opportunity to see in the past years.

Since a few were interesting NFT projects, it wasn’t easy to choose the best NFT ideas to show you in more detail. Of course, some were a little worse that we don’t even want to remember.

However, to present to you in the best and highest quality way what, in our opinion, are the best NFT ideas that we encountered in 2021, let’s first go over what NFT is, i.e., non-fungible token. Will we?

A brief definition and explanation of Non-Fungible Tokens

The term “Non-Fungible Token” refers to a non-interchangeable and unique unit of data stored on a blockchain. As we are all aware by now, Blockchain technology is a form of a digital ledger, a specific system of recording information in such a way that it’s almost impossible to hack, change, or cheat the whole system.

Some of the most popular NFTs include music and artwork, but it is also possible to have videos and tweets. They can also include an in-game item or unique sneaker in a limited-run fashion line, animated gifs, etc. It is not possible to replicate NFTs. They’re used to represent real-world items such as real estate and artwork in general.

On the opposite, fungible includes numerous examples like Bitcoin. For instance, people can swap one bitcoin for another since they’re identical.

NFT sales in 2020 and 2021

Non-fungible tokens, or as many of you know, their acronym “NFTs,” are constantly breaking records in the crypto universe. In 2020, total sales of NFTs reached $340 million. While in 2021, sales managed to surpass the incredible amount of $9 billion.

According to data from the NonFungible website on NFTs, that amount of money is much more than 25-fold growth.

Are you able to earn money with Non-fungible tokens?

With Non-fungible tokens, anyone can earn a share of the sales price of the NFTs on the agenda indefinitely. For instance, if the royalty for a digital artwork is set at 15%, the original creator will get 15% of the total sale price every time their artwork is re-sold to an entirely new owner.

A non-fungible token (NFT) can be associated with reproducible digital files such as photos, videos, and audio.

What are the best NFT ideas in 2021 that we loved?

Now that you are familiar with the term Non-fungible token, what it is used for, and whether you can make money from it, it is time to see which, in our opinion, are the most valuable and best NFT ideas in 2021. Let’s get started!

#1 Cool Cats

Cool Cats represent a project with a stable floor and a great community on Discord that our team participated in. The family-friendly artwork is what we’ve especially enjoyed in this NFT project, besides its fantastic website. This NFT project grants a non-exclusive license that we also loved

As a Cool Cat holder, you can build banners, view your collection on the website, and have the right to do anything you want with your Cool Cat image. It’s also possible to pay an artist to create a new artwork featuring your cat, a new t-shirt, or anything as long as you’re holding the Cool Cat Non-Fungible token.

However, you can’t sublicense your license to any third party. You can only transfer your ownership by selling your Cool Cat when the new holder becomes the license holder. Cool Cats have gained immense popularity among high-profile buyers.

#2 PunkScapes

Among the best NFT ideas and NFT art ideas, we’d like to share PunkScapes. We are talking about an 8-bit NFT banner created to be used on various platforms such as Discord, Twitter, OpenSea, etc. It’s considered the biggest banner project on OpenSea designed to match CryptoPanks.

For instance, the PunkScapes project was operating under the radar and took a pretty long time to list on Rarity Tools. Since its launch, the price of this project has become considerably suppressed. However, some people got in at mint and can sell at several multiples of what they’ve paid.

What’s interesting to mention is that, as a user, you won’t find constant notifications of useless collaborations, giveaways, or other not-so-valuable events across chats on Discord. The reason behind that is that the founder of PunkScapes has focused on building the project rather than promoting it in any way.

The project used a fairer launch mechanic whereby you’re able to buy an OneDayPunk token that might give you early access to the PunkScapes mint. What is more interesting is that these tokens have a date field in the metadata. They are used as a marker for finding tokens relevant to them, such as their b-days.

In conclusion, if you’re interested in building stuff in this space or technically inclined, it’s a must to be in the PunkScapes project and its Discord. There are art competitions, hackathons, and lots of buildings going on in general. We fell in love with 8. bit artwork in this project!

#3 Party Degenerates

Party Degenerates represent a collection of 10,000 NFts that represent the rebellious spirit of those who’re in love with life and want to celebrate it rather than just solely living it. Developers, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and the most influential NFT collectors in the crypto world are behind the Party Degenerates project.

According to its founders, this project is on our list of the best NFT ideas in 2021 because the artwork is very polarizing, original, it can grow on you, and you can “expect the unexpected.”

On the Party Degenerates project, there is a lot of real-life utility in the form of perks, freebies, and special deals, not just at clubs around the world but also in the famous METAVERSE. It is a unique project that enables access to exclusive experiences and events within the electronic and music scene.

The license of this project is impressive since it provides full commercial rights on the Non Fungible Tokens. The team behind Party Degenerates is excellent, and we’re very proud and confident of this particular project. According to all this, it’s no wonder that PartyDegenerates is on the list of the best NFT art ideas.

#4 HeadDAO

HeadDAO managed to get on our list of the best NFT ideas for several reasons. First of all, the idea behind this project is to purchase blue-chip NFTs and fractionalize them. Therefore each Head NFT holder will accrue part of the value for those specific blue-chip NFTs.

Second, it’s a DAO, and the artwork itself is borrowed from an open-source Nouns collection. Anyone can stake their NFTs in a vault and earn $HEAD. It’s done on the website of this project.

Once you stake the head NFTs, expect them to disappear from your wallet and appear in the community wallet. However, you’re still able to own them and unstack them anytime you want. Remember, as a HeadDAO holder. You automatically become part of the DAO and receive voting rights in what DAO does.

Nonetheless, to redeem any utility, you’re required to have $HEAD. Therefore the best idea is to stake to earn $HEAD to get full access to the utility offers. That’s where the real value will be.

#5 Kumo x World Residents

On the list of the most fun and essential NFT game ideas and NFT art ideas in general in 2021 is the Kumo x World Residents. It represents a fun NFT project where people can be as weird as they want without fear of being judged or laughed at. It is a world full of adventures and fun where you’re able to be silly and fun.

What we liked about Kumo x World Residents is that it is an interactive project where all participants collaborate as a team to discover its world. It’s a special kind of light-hearted and family-friendly design that we adored. Undoubtedly, it has a world-class quality design and artwork.

#6 Perseverance

Perseverance is one of those NFT art ideas that we loved because it’s made up of 500 pieces by the famous artist Giorgio Balbi. You can expect four different variations when it comes to their algorithms. Every class is distributed randomly, and the amounts aren’t equal.

The Perseverance project aims to create a generative art model that combines density, colors and angles to generate different visual textures. In other words, it is a generative art piece that art admirers will especially love to have in their possession and own it long-term.

#7 The Diamond Hands

The last on our best NFT ideas list, but not the least important, is the Diamond Hands project. It is another project where the artwork isn’t the main thing you’ll pay for. It is a combination of DeFi and NFTs concepts.

The main idea behind the Diamond Hands project is to purchase and fractionalize blue-chip NFTs. Then after the purchase, you hold onto them with diamond hands. The cultural significance of someone who does not “crave under pressure” is the central concept of this project. Diamond Hand’s team is solid, including some fantastic Punk owners.


The list of the best NFT ideas from 2021 can be pretty long because that year was fruitful for this industry. Indeed, we have singled out some of the most important in our opinion that you will, no doubt, enjoy endlessly!




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