The kid made GBP290,000 out of whale NFTs

A 12-year-old boy from the UK earned about GBP290,000 during his holidays from school with his series of pixelated artworks named Weird Whales. With NFTs, artists can tokenize their artworks to create a digital ownership certificate and then buy and sell.

However, artists do not give the customer the actual artwork, or the purchase does not give them the copyright.

Benyamin Ahmed plans to keep his earnings in Ethereum, in which he sold the artwork. After keeping his profits as they are, in crypto, it means that the value of the profit might change. Its value might go up or down, and there is no backup from the government if the digital wallet experiences a hack attack in the future.

His classmates are unaware of his crypto-wealth, even though he has already made his YouTube channel with videos about everything he does.

In the interview, he talked about his motivation and advised children his age. He said that his advice for children would be to do things they like and are good at it.

Benyamin’s father is a software developer working in traditional finance. He taught and encouraged Benyamin and his brother to begin coding at a very early age.

Imran said that he was surprised even though he knew the ability of his kids. He added that they started doing these things with fun, but later they took it seriously.

Benyamin has other collections, such as his earlier Minecraft-inspired set, and the Weird Whales is his second digital-art collection.

This time, he took inspiration from a pixelated whale meme and mixed it with a popular digital art style. Besides that, he used his program to build a set of emoji-type whales. At the moment, Benyamin is creating his superhero-themed collection.

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