Three of the Biggest Challenges UK Businesses Face in 2021

The UK is finally back in business, and the lockdown restrictions are finally going back in the drawer. We can return to the office, we can see our friends and loved ones again, and we can finally focus on the future.

However, over the course of the pandemic, we have all learned the hard way that challenges can come out of nowhere. It’s hard to imagine too many business owners having a “global pandemic” on their list of potential issues for 2020. While there will always be those events that we can’t foresee, there are some problems that we can start preparing for today. Here are just three:

Brexit Will Cause Issues For Some Time

Anyone who hoped that Brexit would be a clean, smooth transition with just a few gentle speedbumps has faced some harsh truths over the last few months. While we might expect to see some general improvement in terms of the disruption, it’s clear that we will be dealing with the ripple effects for a long time yet.

Many businesses are dealing with exporting issues to the EU as they face the fact that there are massive labour shortages with so many foreign workers leaving the country. So, this is going to be on the list of potential issues for some time to come.

You Can’t Afford To Neglect Your Employees’ Health (Or Your Own)

We have spent the last eighteen months in the grip of a pandemic, and it seems fair to say that the issue of health is something that we have been thinking about constantly. We have done our very best to keep ourselves and the people who work for us safe, and now that things are opening up again, it is vital that we don’t take our eyes off the ball.

Leaving aside the issue of whether or not you are inviting your employees to return to the office, you should seriously think about investing in private health insurance. With the NHS already declaring that non-COVID-related procedures will face further delays, taking precautions to secure your health should be a priority. For the best health insurance options, compare different providers at Switch Health. They are an independent broker that works with the UK’s top health insurance providers.

We Can’t Predict What’s Coming Next With COVID

Even as we step into the summer with a renewed sense of optimism, it would be incredibly foolhardy to assume that the pandemic is done and dusted. Any business planning for the months ahead needs to take steps to create contingency plans for further lockdowns and restrictions.

It would help if you worked on ways to make a financial cushion for your business should things take another turn for the worse. Can you improve your remote working options in case we need to start working from home again? With new variants emerging even as the Delta variant causes cases to rise, caution should be at the core of even the most optimistic approach.

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