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Forex and CFD
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60 Queen Victoria St, London EC4N 4TZ
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[email protected]
The Trading platforms:
MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
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General Information & First Impressions
Fund and Account Security
The Trading Accounts
TradeBaionics’ Trading Platform 
Funding and Pricing
Trading Products at TradeBaionics
Customer Service at TradeBaionics
TradeBaionics Review: Conclusion

General Information & First Impressions

TradeBaionics is a new brokerage that aims to attract experienced and professional traders and investors. The broker focuses on its forex services the most but has CFDs on various other assets, deeming it more versatile. TradeBaionics operates from the United Kingdom, and its offices are at 60 Queen Victoria St, London. Every new broker is an opportunity to get ahead of other traders by enjoying a superior service. Our TradeBaionics review will tell you if that’s true for the broker by presenting its service comprehensively.

But before we go digging, we also like to present our initial findings of the broker. That’s because first impressions are true more often than not in the online brokerage world. For customers, trusting your gut can prevent you from getting scammed or simply signing up with a poor brokerage.

Luckily, looks fantastic even at a glance. The brokerage is clear without a lot of excess promotional material. Naturally, every broker will promote itself, but modern brokerages often go overboard. That can create a situation where it’s difficult to find out the actually relevant info.

With TradeBaionics, that isn’t an issue. The broker is sectioned and organized well, so navigation towards crucial info is straightforward. Furthermore, there aren’t walls of text you need to read through just to find an important sentence. Instead, the broker lets you learn everything you need to know quickly. That reduces confusion for potential new traders that sign up and increases efficiency for more experienced ones.

The initial impression for our TradeBaionics review is that it’s a serious, professional company. That bodes well for the broker, as it increases our trust rating and overall quality.

Fund and Account Security

Especially since TradeBaionics is a high-end brokerage, security severely impacts its overall quality. Namely, when you have tens of thousands deposited in your account, you tend not to want to lose that money. Because of that, it’s vital to select a brokerage that cares about keeping your funds safe. Along the same line, you want to avoid brokerages that use malicious tactics to get a larger cut of your money. In essence, those are the two factors you need to look for in every brokerage you consider.

And as we said earlier in our TradeBaionics review, it has already earned itself a boost in trust. Namely, brokerages that set up their websites in a transparent way tend to be more customer-oriented. TradeBaionics verifies that in other ways as well, with clear legal documentation that doesn’t leave room for malicious behavior. 

Furthermore, unlike most new brokers, is actively working on getting regulated. It’s a fairly new brokerage, and licensing is a process, but even working on it means something. To get regulated, the broker needs to actively mold its service to match regulator rules and regulations. Also, TradeBaionics works from the UK, which is notoriously a strict country as far as financial company laws go. That’s another layer of trustworthiness the broker adds onto the pile.

The last thing we want to mention is the external safety. As usual, the broker didn’t make the exact safety features public, as that’d be dumb. However, we can say that the broker does have encryption and account verifiers, which go a long way by themselves.

The Trading Accounts

The account setup isn’t much different at TradeBaionics than with other online brokerages. It works off of a minimum deposit to get an account with higher thresholds for subsequent types. As we said earlier in our TradeBaionics review, the broker’s target audience is serious investors. That means the initial trading requirement is slightly higher than usual, sitting at 10,000 euro. While that may be detrimental to some, it’s not a massive sum trading-wise, and you can still use all your funds to trade.

At that price point, you get a solid mix of luxury and raw functionality, which translates to a solid trading experience. The broker has social trading for all of its accounts, which benefits both more and less experienced traders. Some other standouts are risk-free trades, access to exclusive groups, and customized offers from the broker. It shows that the broker is truly interested in molding the perfect personal trading experience for each of its traders. Similarly, it also increases diversity with Islamic accounts, nicely rounding off its account variety.

TradeBaionics’ Trading Platform

Another significant feature of TradeBaionics is the ability to choose between two leading trading platforms. The choices are between MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, both of which are fantastic trading-wise. They’re solid for all trader levels, as they boast both an intuitive interface and analytical functionality. The choice between the two lets you shape your own experience so that it’s most comfortable for you. It’s in line with the broker’s overall atmosphere of letting traders maximize their comfortability and utilize their skill set.

Naturally, it’s also important to mention that there are web and mobile versions of the platform too. That lets you keep up to date with markets on the move and around the clock. That’s especially important because of the increase of retail traders that don’t have trading as a full-time job. Naturally, it’s also more comfortable for a lot of traders and investors.

Funding and Pricing

The broker’s pricing is perhaps one of its biggest strengths, and we don’t say that lightly. For a broker that does nearly everything well, that’s a significant statement. TradeBaionics offers its users various bonuses that bolster their initial funds as well as subsequent offers such as loyalty and referral programs. In other words, that means as long as you’re with, you’re getting a constant stream of extra funds with minimal efforts.

Furthermore, the broker doesn’t have any added charges on deposits or withdrawals, along with tight spreads. That creates a transparent trading experience that doesn’t interfere with your actual earnings. The broker is careful to strike the balance where it can stay afloat but provide traders with the best possible experience.

Trading Products at TradeBaionics

As we said earlier in our TradeBaionics review, the broker offers various trading assets from all major categories. Of course, the entire service looks like it’s most in-tune with forex trading, but any asset is equally viable. The choices inside of each category are plentiful, so there’s room for experimenting as well as trading standard instruments. Let’s look at the trading product classes at


Customer Service at TradeBaionics

TradeBaionics’ customer service is fairly standard as far as the online brokerage world. The customer support has the regular 24/5 work time, with the operatives speaking multiple languages. You can reach the support for via phone or email.

Phone: +442030052502

Email: [email protected]


As we’ve already said in our TradeBaionics review, there aren’t many clear flaws for the brokerage. But the broker didn’t just settle for an average service with limited faults. Instead, where TradeBaionics shines, it does extremely well. For example, the various bonuses promise to significantly improve the overall trading experience, both quality and comfort-wise. Furthermore, the entire service is highly modular, and you can select the way you like to trade and maximize your profits. 

The broker is also safe, with a higher trust rating than most new brokers and many older ones. TradeBaionics handles itself well, with a professional website and visual design, matching its intended audience. To end our TradeBaionics review, we’d definitely recommend signing up as the company has a lot to offer.

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