Weekly Stock Result Ends Positive

After last week’s disasterous stock performance worldwide, this week seems to be preparing a swingback. Naturally, the recovery is somewhat marginal, but it’s still an indicator that things are recovering. Consistent pandemic fears and uncertainties have been weighing stocks down for quite a while now. That has caused fear and hesitance among investors who dislike turbulent markets. Naturally, that leads to difficulties in predicting how global stocks will work, as we view them through index performance.

And while the pessimism stays, stock markets seem to want to keep a steady level, always hovering around similar values. For example, last week was the first time in a long while where indices dropped every single day of the week. Two of the three major US indices followed this pattern, causing slight panic of a market crash. Naturally, the fears were too drastic, but it wasn’t unreasonable to predict a bear market starting.

However, this week was different, with way more movement to both sides on different days. On Friday, stock indexes have started lower than on Thursday, but seem to be climbing steadily. If they maintain that growth, the result for the entire trading week will manage to just reach the green. Naturally, even if they fail, it’s still a significant step-up from last week, which was nearly tragic in investors’ eyes.

For some more precise results, the Dow dropped 29 points compared to Thursday. The S&P slipped 0.2%, and Nasdaq showed identical movement. The drop was unfortunate, as Thursday showed us significant gains over Wednesday and could’ve started a significantly positive trend upwards. With constant COVID worries and turbulent data on vital indicators such as job data, it’s difficult to predict stock movement. However, although many are worried, there’s an equal amount of experts that are predicting a return to normal behavior.

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