What is a Thunder token?

As a blockchain enthusiast, have you ever wondered what a Thunder token is? Have you been dealing with it lately? Whatever is the case, in this article, you’ll get to know all the essentials of the famous thunder token.

First of all, you’d need to understand that a thunder token stands for the new crypto token that is high throughput. It’s able to confirm transactions in a matter of seconds. It’s enabled by a paradigm-shifting blockchain technology protocol that has been developed by the distributed systems and is one of the leading and most prominent experts in the crypto industry.

All of that is accompanied by an uncompromising mathematical analysis of the highest security. A thunder token blockchain explorer, as the name suggests itself, is a search engine for thunder tokens where you can search by the block number, address, or transaction.

The Thunder token deeper explanation by professionals

The well-known Thunder Token ICO (initial coin offering) is an ERC-20 token intended for a ThunderCore blockchain. This particular token acts as a store value and provides its users with the gas for transaction fees on the blockchain.

It also underwrites the intelligent contracts created on the ThunderCore blockchain. Additionally, it will be utilized to monetize all the applications on the identical blockchain. It’s able to be staked in order to become Accelerator, receiving incentives for securing the network process transactions or one of the central committee stakeholders.

In the first place, the blockchain ThunderCore has raised $50 million in private equity during three rounds of private investment. In 2019, they held an IEO on Houbi Prime Lite and raised $500,000 before selling tokens at $0.015 each.

The experts explain ThunderCore Blockchain.

Did you know that a thunder token is an underlying token for the ThunderCore Blockchain? It’s vital to understand, as a blockchain admirer, that it’s a high-performance, fast, and Ethereum-compatible public blockchain.

This means that it uses the same toolset and language with decentralized trust responsible for providing scale to all the decentralized applications: the ThunderCore Blockchain guarantees faster confirmation times, lower costs, and higher throughput.

In addition to that, it’s much faster and cheaper than the well-known Ethereum. This technology is able to unlock numerous potential applications. To understand it better, a Thunder Token is to the ThunderCore network the same as ETH is to the Ethereum network.

Keep in mind that people will use the famous Thunder token to pay gas fees on the Thunder Core network.

The features of the Thunder Token ICO

Before we get any further regarding the thunder token logo, it’s essential to know what are the main features of the thunder token itself. Let’s begin with the first feature, shall we?

The costs are very cheap.

The cost of gas is meager: sub-cent transaction cost. The redeployment cost is also typical: full Ethereum compatibility.

Scalable is another excellent feature.

When it comes to scalability, remember that near-instant, fast confirmation equals block confirmation time in a matter of seconds. On the other hand, if we speak about the high throughput, it’s 1000+ TPS on testnet for Ethereum smart contracts.

EVM Full Compatibility is considered

Another essential feature is full compatibility with the Ethereum toolchain and intelligent contracts. There is no change to source code required, only RPC to Thunder, which is considered an easy migration.

How does the Thunder token work?

To fully understand the Thunder token principles, it’s vital to know how it works in the first place. The famous Thunder Protocol is based on another renowned protocol called “Thunderella”. After years of successful research, it was developed by eminent professors Elaine Shi and Rafael Pass.

Each step of this specific protocol is wholly backed by mathematical proofs and specified. You need to know that ThunderCore uses a hybrid consensus mechanism alongside an Ethereum blockchain called “slow path” and “fast path” that is fully optimized.

Blockchain is the underlying technology that many cryptocurrencies operate on

What is happening on the fast path?

If we analyze the fast path, we’ll realize that a committee that consensus nodes have formed will complete a single round of voting. It will confirm the transaction in one single second. The powerful accelerators and DDos resilient distributed systems will coordinate the network of consensus nodes.

It’s crucial to know that users shouldn’t trust consensus nodes or accelerators. Instead of that, users have to put their trust in the honest majority. Therefore, we’ve concluded that as long as all the accelerators act honestly, the network condition will be good.

Also, as long as three-quarters of the committee members are honest, these transactions will always be as quick as possible.

What is the worst-case scenario regarding Thunder token?

No matter what, you should always prepare for the worst-case scenario. When it comes to it, we have to mention that there will be a situation where the conditions as mentioned earlier aren’t met and when the system falls back to the slow path.

Then the system will slow down very much, nearly to the speed of a traditional blockchain. The best comparison is to the Ethereum blockchain. In this case, when voting fails, the protocol will automatically continue to operate with the help of an unusual blockchain until the resolution of the problem.

How to get your Thunder Token listed to the ThunderCore?

In order to get your Thunder Token onto the ThunderCore hub, here are all the necessary steps to do so:

Make a pull request to change the token-listLaunch a transaction to this: 0x103550d3e41F5e6986aDfDAbaBF610f750932B54. Remember, its data includes a pull request number. The value has to be at least 1000 TTAmend the transaction hash in the pull request

The listing fee is 1000 TT per single listing. If you receive a rejection of your application, you won’t get a refund.

The Thunder Token Logo

The token thunder logo is particular, creative, and recognizable. It’s a yellow circle with a modern “T” sign and thunder, which covers an upper part of the letter. Here you can see how it looks like:

The Thunder token logo

What is the primary goal of a Thunder Token?

Did you know that ThunderCore aims to solve many existing blockchains, like Ethereum, and scalability problems? It tends to solve the problem while developers and users can stick to the Devo-ops tools, programming languages, and existing wallets? Well, now you know for what purpose a Thunder Token is out there.

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