What is Flurry, and what advantages does it offer?

Flurry is launching its native token today. The company aims to offer users a whole new experience of yield generation, making it much easier, efficient, and convenient. The Defi space is developing with blinding speeds. However, advances in technology often outpace the crucial improvements in user experience. As a result, users have to overcome many entry barriers and adoption hurdles. The team thinks that investment opportunities should be available for everyone instead of only for tech-savvy crypto enthusiasts.

Flurry created a cross-chain token (rhoToken). It also comprised stablecoin advantages with continuous yield farming to offer more benefits to its clients. The protocol automates the tiring task of switching, unlocking, and locking in and out of Defi products on various chains for generating yield. Besides, rhoToken is pegged 1:1 to the backing stablecoin. That means it can act as a medium of exchange without any lock-ups.

The company is starting the initial coin offering on August 27, 2021, and the sale will end on August 30, 2021. 83,333,333 FLURRY will be available during the sale, and investors can buy them on the CardStarter platform.

Flurry token holders will have many advantages, including lower gas costs per user, risk diversification, and a nice user interface. FLURRY plans to improve the usability of Defi products. It also wants to make the process as convenient as possible so that anyone can participate from anywhere around the globe.

What about the Flurry’s founders?

Mike Ting and Lawrence Wong co-founded Flurry. The current team consists of fintech and crypto veterans whose experience and educational background include JP Morgan, Barclays Capital, Societe Generale, Cornell University, Stanford University, and Imperial College London.

Mike Ting has a master’s degree from Stanford University. He also graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Cornell University. Ting was an equity derivatives trader at investment banks such as JP Morgan and Societe Generale. He was also a serial entrepreneur. Blockchain technology impressed Ting, and he decided to enter the crypto space in 2018, aiming to recreate existing traditional financial services in a decentralized way using blockchain.

Lawrence Wong, on the other hand, graduated with a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering from Imperial College. He is an experienced derivatives trader. Wong co-founded a low latency algorithmic trading firm. He is also a Blockchain and Crypto Enthusiast.

The team decided to build FLURRY on Ethereum because it is the largest Defi Ecosystem and offers the best source of yield. However, the team announced that if the problem of gas cost remains despite all the upgrades coming, they will port their project to Binance Smart Chain to take advantage of the lower transaction cost and get a higher yield.

Binance Smart Chain is EVM-compatible, so the switch over should be easy if it becomes necessary. In the long run, the company aims to deploy FLURRY on other chains like Polkadot and Cosmo, which offers good cross-chain capabilities.

What about the Chronicle ICO?

Chronicle is both a publisher and marketplace for NFTs – officially licensed digital collectibles. The company is relatively new, launching in 2021. However, it has great potential. The users will be able to sell, buy, trade, gift, and bid authenticated digital collectibles licensed directly from the leading brands worldwide.

The company also created its own native utility token – XNL. The team designed XNL to offer its customers a series of rewards and incentives. Among its key benefits are ?premium access to limited edition collectables, governance and voting, discounts on trading fees, rewards and bonus collectibles, and staking incentives.

Chronicle plans to begin its ICO on September 6, 2021. 2,800,000 XNL will be available for sale during the initial coin offering, and the price will be $0.100000 per token. The company aims to raise $280,000, and it will accept USDC for the exchange of its native coin.

Furthermore, the platform will provide a user-friendly interface. Customers will be able to sign up easily with their email addresses and pay fees with their credit cards. They will also have access to premium, authenticated digital collectibles backed by the greatest brands.

The creators or investors can show off their collectibles to social media, build up their Chronicle profile and earn rewards via XNL token. However, they can only use the latter for trade discounts and priority access to limited edition collectibles.

Each user will also receive a personal wallet for the storing of their collectibles. The team handles all the blockchain on the backend. Thus, the users aren’t required to learn crypto if they don’t want to.

Chronicle is building eco-friendly infrastructure. It’s partnering with charities and building on Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain solutions to offset carbon emissions.

How does the platform work?

Chronicle Studio develops licensed collectibles. The company or users can sell them on the Official Chronicle Store. Based on brand categories, these collectibles can vary in their forms (3D models, still images, videos, music, etc.). However, the team aims to create an immersive experience for the collectible holder by offering exquisite NFTs.

Chronicle’s team consists of 2D and 3D environmental and character artists who design and develop authenticated collectibles. The various brands give licenses to these NFTs before sending them to the Chronicle Store for sale. The Studio creates both extremely rare and common collectibles. However, all of them come with a Chronicle hologram or watermark for brand verification.

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