Why Investors Should Pay More Attention to Leisure Stocks

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The broader stock market is on the decline, nonetheless, leisure stock could continue to shine. The leisure industry caters to the needs of hundreds of millions of people in goods and bad. Whether it is gaming or even social media, people are more eager than ever to relax, and companies are willing to offer them various services and products.

There is no lack of interesting leisure stocks, but let’s focus on Nvidia Corporation, United Airlines Holdings Inc., and Facebook Inc.

The first one is Nvidia Corporation, a tech company that invented the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). It is responsible for ushering in the age of modern computer graphics and truly revolutionized parallel computing. The company’s products are also widely used by the gaming industry.

In September, Nvidia Corporation made an interesting announcement. It announced that it will be releasing a new display driver that adds Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) support to 28 games. Consequently, the total number of games with DLSS support will surpass 100, a huge milestone for Nvidia’s AI-based temporal upscaling.

We have to discuss why it makes sense to invest in United Airlines and Facebook. When it comes to leisure stocks it is hard not to mention them.

United Airlines Holdings Inc. is one of the major airlines in the country. The industry is recovering and United Airlines has the capability to return to pre-pandemic results. It operates thousands of flights on a daily basis to almost 350 destinations across 50 countries at full capacity.

For potential investors looking to bet on the company’s long-term recovery after the pandemic, its stock would be attractive now.

Facebook is the most popular social networking service around the world. It could be a go-to for consumers as well as investors alike. The company continues to expand its digital entertainment portfolio. Furthermore, it is constantly finding new ways to cater to shifting consumer demands. Facebook is also building its e-commerce and fintech services.

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