Why is it Difficult to Tackle Phone Scams?

Many people now avoid answering telephone calls from an unknown number for doubt that it might be a scam.

A recent report suggests that people should be cautious. In the last 12 months, text message and phone call fraud in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland reached more than 84% higher than the previous year. The UK’s national reporting center analyzed fraud and cybercrime data and stated that this year showed the most significant rise in all types of attacks.

The center added that as more people started to use delivery options during the pandemic, the fake delivery notifications began to flow.

In these attacks, people get messages from fraudsters from a legitimate number. They claimed that additional payment is required before delivering a package. Then when they click on the link, fraudsters try to steal their banking details.

But the question is, how can the fraudsters do this, and why is it so tricky for authorities and telecoms companies to grab the problem?

A cyber security expert, Matthew Gribben, said that criminals could easily fake their phone call or text. They can make it look like those notifications come from a bank or delivery company’s telephone number. He stated that the reason is that the UK and other countries’ telephone network systems are vulnerable.

A former consultant at the UK government intelligence agency, Mr. Gribben, said that the current UK phone network could not guarantee that the dialing number is the actual number.

The main problem is SS7 – a telephone identification protocol called, dating back in 1975.

SS7 is responsible for the network’s number of calls or texts, also known as the presentation number. This process is important so that calls connect. The dilemma is that fraudsters can easily steal a presentation number and connect it to their number to make it look real.

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