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General information

Winbitx is a young online trading platform registered in the United Kingdom. The company’s exact address is 134-146 Curtain Road, London, United Kingdom EC2A 3AR.

Generally, Winbitx is a Forex and CFDs broker, but it supports many other assets trading opportunities.

Winbitx has an easily accessible, smooth, and well-designed website that makes trading with them much more fun. A wide range of trading instruments, advanced trading platforms, high-quality security protection lets the broker stand out from the enormous financial market.

Read our Winbitx review to get the most advanced and updated information regarding the broker’s features and services.

Regulation and Safety of funds

The Winbitx broker exists only a few years, which explains why they have not yet gained official regulation from the regulatory bodies. The international license requires constant record submissions and data covering a specific amount of time to promote the company as a regulated broker.

However, young seems eager to offer its clients an incomparable service that will take the company to regulation privileges.

Despite the lack of regulation, the company guarantees funds and personal data safety with the latest 256-bit encryption protocols.

The 256-bit encryption means your personal data is encoded and protected, and none of the third-party representatives can ever reach your info. Besides, encryption protection means that your funds and deposits are transferred to separate bank accounts and are entirely segregated from the company funds.

Trading Assets

There is a wide range of trading instruments on Depended on your experience, taste, or just interests, you can trade with Foreign Exchange, CFDs, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, and cryptos.

Trading Platforms

Winbitx supports two leading trading software. These two are MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

MetaTrader 4 is still the king of all online trading platforms. It has existed for many years. This trading platform is the most transaction-friendly, intuitive, and customizable among all competitors.

MetaTrader 5 already provides you with the most advanced and powerful trading functions in various financial markets. It is a better version of MT4 with more various trading asset options.

Web-based trading is one of the favorite trading methods of traders all over the world. When you are on a web-based trading platform, you can trade anywhere and anytime in the world. You do not need the specific operating system installed on the device to make a transaction.

Mobile trading is suitable for people who like to trade from their mobile devices. Mobile trading applications are designed just for the smartphone. It means that no other trading platform can match the speed and fluency that smartphone trading platforms provide you on your mobile phone.

Review of Winbitx Trading accounts

Winbitx offers seven different types of trading accounts and the Islamic account on top. These accounts are designed for traders with any background and experience. Most importantly, all the accounts provide you with daily market news and reviews that keep you up-to-date and involved with recent trends.

These trading accounts are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Premium, and VIP. The accounts are pretty pricy, but the services and features you can use with them are excellent and absolutely worth it.

However, Islamic account price is not provided, so it is better to reach the company to find more info. We will reveal the Islamic account services below. Let’s find out more about these accounts one by one:


Market ReviewsCMTrading E-BookWebinar AccessSocial Trading

Silver-EUR 25,000

Market ReviewsCMTrading E-BookWebinar AccessSocial TradingVOD: Advanced

Gold-EUR 50,000

Market ReviewsCMTrading E-BookWebinar AccessSocial TradingVOD: Advanced1 Risk-Free TradePersonal Assistant

Platinum-EUR 100,000

Market ReviewsCMTrading E-BookWebinar AccessSocial TradingVOD: Advanced3 Risk-Free TradePersonal AssistantCustomized AccountAccess to Trading Room

Diamond-EUR 250,000

Market ReviewsCMTrading E-BookWebinar AccessSocial TradingVOD: Advanced3 Risk-Free TradePersonal AssistantCustomized AccountSpecial OffersTrading SpecialistExclusive Market Updates

Premium-EUR 500,000

Market ReviewsCMTrading E-BookWebinar AccessSocial TradingVOD: Advanced3 Risk-Free TradePersonal AssistantCustomized AccountSpecial OffersTrading SpecialistExclusive Market UpdatesPremium Education PackagePremium Algorithmic Trading SystemFull Account OverviewDedicated Account Genius

VIP-EUR 1,000,000

Market ReviewsCMTrading E-BookWebinar AccessSocial TradingVOD: Advanced5 Risk-Free TradePersonal AssistantCustomized AccountSpecial OffersTrading SpecialistPremium LeverageExclusive Market UpdatesPremium Education PackagePremium Algorithmic Trading SystemFull Account OverviewDedicated Account SpecialistCustomized PlatformsExclusive AssetsPremium Account Manager

Islamic Account

Halal AccountSwap-FreeNo InterestsMarket ReviewsSocial TradingWebinar AccessSpreads: Regular

Trading tools

We highly respect the trading tools offered by Winbitx. After signing up for the account, you will start using the tools. Economic calendar, Risk management tool, Alerts, Trader’ guide, New and Market insights, Market analysis videos, live charts, and asset index will all be enabled after you start trading. This broader range of trading tools is highly recommended for beginner traders.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Winbitx supports several payment methods. Credit and Marter cards are allowed, bank wire transfer is also an option. Luckily, additional fees are not charged while depositing money. However, some additional commission fees might appear while transferring the funds based on your bank’s transaction rules.

Speaking about withdrawals, the same rules apply. You can use the same methods that you used for making deposits. However, due to security concerns, you will be asked to use the same bank account for the withdrawal that you used for depositing the funds.

Fees don’t apply to your withdrawal from Winbitx’s side, but again, depended on your bank’s requirements, some prices might still appear.

Customer Service

Winbitx’s website operates in five languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Turkish. Multiple language-supporting website and customer service is a massive advantage for a newcomer broker. It seems they put some effort into reaching their voice to various customers.

On, we found several ways to reach the customer support team. First, they have a message fill-in box on the “Contact Us” page, where you can quickly type your message and send it directly to the company.

You can also contact them by mail, on the phone line, or visit their head office. We will provide you with the contact details below.

Their fast and dedicated team will try its best to support you with any issue.

Additionally, the information in the FAQ section on the website is relatively comprehensive. If you have a common question and don’t want to reach the company directly, you can simply check the FAQ section. You will much likely find an accurate answer there.


[email protected]


Trading: +442039877635

Support: +442039877636


134-146 Curtain Road, London, United Kingdom EC2A 3AR

Winbitx Review: Conclusion

Overall, we see Winbitx as an excellent online trading opportunity. The platform grows with its clients, making the working environment super friendly and cooperating.

We highly recommend the Winbitx platform for newcomer traders, as their educational recourses are glorious. Their customer support is highly responsible and helpful, making the first trading experience for newcomers even more exciting and interactive. Their trading conditions, tools, and platforms also stand out from the competitors.

To conclude, in our Winbitx review, we tried our best to provide you with the most accurate and reliable information regarding the broker. However, keep in mind that online trading and the forex market consist of many risks, and it is better not to look at trading as a way of fun or gambling and take it seriously. We hope you enjoyed reading our review and find it helpful.

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