Xion Finance offers its hot token for sale in IDO

Xion Finance launched its ICO on July 7, 2021. The company is offering investors 700,000 XGT tokens during the sale. That is a great opportunity, considering that Xion Finance is already very successful on the market.

The price during the initial coin offering is $0.180000, and the platform aims to raise $126,000 by trading its native tokens. Xion accepts BUSD in exchange for XGT.

This platform is the next generation of payment portals. It aims to bring cross-chain decentralized payments, financial rewards, and loyalty to a commerce industry worldwide.

Furthermore, Xion Finance wants to solve various problems currently making it difficult for ordinary people to use the DeFi. The main obstacles are high transaction/gas fees, locked sales revenue, lack of loyalty programs, and merchant underwriting processes.

Thus, Xion offers solutions to each of those problems, including 0% transaction fees(microtransactions), loyalty programs, 100% cashback rewards, instant time to market, and access to ones’ own funds.

Moreover, Xion is essentially the first cross-chain decentralized e-commerce and finance ecosystem, allowing customers to intuitively earn passive income, cashback on their purchases, and trading fees.

With those advantages and the company’s excellent team with 30+ years of marketing experience, it’s not surprising that Xion found its followers so fast. The company has the true potential to disrupt the payment system industry and become a leader in the space.

Xion also managed to find strong allies. Industry-leading experts, such as CertiK, Lupa X, GD10, Metrix Capital, DarkPool liquidity, SkyVision Capital, Twin Apex, Tokenova, and others back up this company.

NFTP is a binance smart chain based on the NFT project. This platform will enable creators to change their art or collectibles into NFTs. While the company is relatively new, it may have good potential.

Its initial coin offering starts on July 12, 2021, in three days. A total of 500,000 NFTPs are for sale, and the price will be $0.000500 during the ICO. The company is accepting BNB coins in exchange for NFTP.

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