XIRCUS token’s high-ranking ICO will begin in two days

Xircus is the first of its kind multi-chain gamified DAO platform worldwide that allows customers to create and deploy custom NFT marketplaces. The company is launching its native token’s private sale on August 19, 2021. The token price will be 0.075 USD per XIRCUS during the initial coin offering, and the platform will accept BNB and BUSD in exchange for its coin. The total supply of XIRCUS is 100000000, but only part of it will be available in the first stages for investors. XIRCUS token is currently very high-ranked, leading on several ICO listing platforms.

Xircus users can create and launch an NFT trading platform in a few easy steps. And that service is free of cost. This powerful and unique platform empowers artists, content creators, influencers, collectors, and brands. As a pan-dimensional gateway to the non-fungible digital assets’ world, Xircus allows users to create a personalized NFT marketplace.

The company’s decentralized software makes the platform accessible to all. It is a secure, easy, time-efficient, and cheap way for users to develop a personal market for their NFTs.

Xircus aims to give the creators all the power they deserve for creating new products. While usually, influencers lost ownership of their content the moment they post it online, the company plans to allow them to monetize their creations.

Furthermore, Xircus platform’s priority will be serving its users. Both individuals and companies can become part of its community. It’s essentially a zero-cost decentralized solution to help kickstart customers’ NFT journey in just a few minutes.

Its team believes that mass adoption starts by making registration quick and easy. Thus, they developed their own Authentication API. Thanks to the latter, users can easily sign-in anonymously. They just have to use a unique nonce that is encrypted by the wallet.

What about the platform’s infrastructure?

Xircus built its infrastructure with high-speed performance in mind. Its servers are capable of handling tens of millions of requests per minute. The team also added a cloud firewall to ensure that the platform will block illegal DDOS attacks instantly.

Besides, Xircus is developer friendly. The team is building front-end libraries to enable users to integrate with their existing codebase in React, Vue, NextJS, and Angular. The company will also add support for e-commerce systems such as Magento, Shopify, and Woocommerce.

Xircus has an impressive roadmap. It is currently building the platform’s mobile version, along with a crypto wallet app, chat ordering features and Xircus TV app.

What about the platform’s features?

The company offers many interesting features to its customers. For instance, users don’t need to have a development experience to deploy their own NFT marketplace. It’s fairly easy to do with this platform.

While typically building and securing tech infrastructure is a time-consuming, costly, and messy process, that’s not true in this case. Xircus will make complex smart contracts available for its users. That’s an additional benefit, considering that building them is costly.

Users can begin growing their marketplace locally with a global reach. The company will help them to cross-promote with other marketplaces. As a result, customers from different countries and regions will be able to introduce their products to the global market.

Moreover, people will be able to deploy the platform’s smart contracts to any EVM compatible blockchain. Its contracts are written in Rust, Solidity, and WebAssembly for next-generation blockchain protocols.

While XIRCUS token is the main utility token for the platform, customers will be able to use any ERC20 or BEP20 token standard and pair it with some stable token from the decentralized exchanges of their choice, such as Uniswap for Ethereum and PancakeSwap for BSC.

Creators will also be able to choose from available user interfaces that the platform provides, thus customizing and configuring the feel and looks of their community NFT marketplace.

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